Will There be a The Cabin With Bert Kreischer Season 2?

The Cabin with Bert Kreischer S1​, ​Ms Pat, Joel McHale, Joey Diaz, Kaley Cuoco, Bert Kreischer, ​in episode 2 ​of ​The Cabin with Bert Kreischer S1​. Cr. ​Adam Rose / Netflix ​© ​2020

‘The Cabin With Bert Kreischer’ is Netflix’s documentary series that follows its titular host as he heads to the wilderness to soothe his mind and body. NO! The quest does not progress to become your next ‘Cabin in the Woods’. In fact, in the episodes, Kreischer is joined by a rotating roster of celebs as they engage in all sorts of hilarious activities to cleanse their soul. But since the show is conceptualized as an improvised comedy, most of their experiments end in disaster. Now that fans are done and dusted with the show’s first season, let’s breakdown the details of its second edition.

The Cabin With Bert Kreischer Season 2 Release Date:

‘The Cabin With Bert Kreischer’ season 1 premiered on October 13, 2020, on Netflix. It comprised of five episodes. As of now, the streamer has not announced a second season. However, the first season was such a laughter riot that it compelled viewers to binge on all the episodes in one-go — at breakneck speed. Moreover, host Bert Kreischer is a beloved figure among fans. Owing to the show’s light, funny, outrageous yet addictive nature, we are hopeful that it will spawn another season at least. If that happens soon, we can expect ‘The Cabin With Bert Kreischer’ season 2 to premiere sometime in October 2021.

The Cabin With Bert Kreischer Season 2 Cast: Host And Guests

‘The Cabin With Bert Kreischer’ is hosted by Bert Kreischer, the famous stand-up comedian, reality tv presenter, and actor. He has hosted ‘Hurt Bert’, ‘Bert the Conqueror’, and ‘Trip Flip’. Apart from ‘The Cabin’, Bert’s other projects on Netflix include ‘Bert Kreischer: Secret Time’ and ‘Bert Kreischer: Hey Big Boy’. Undoubtedly, he will make a comeback in season 2 as well.

Joining Bert in his misadventures is a rotating panel of celebrity guests. In season 1, we meet some well-known stars like Anthony Anderson, Big Jay Oakerson, Bobby Lee, Deon Cole, Donnell Rawlings, Fortune Feimster, Gabriel Iglesias, Joel McHale, Joey Diaz, Kaley Cuoco, Nikki Glaser, Tom Segura, and Caitlyn Jenner. Season 2 will see a fresh, star-studded cast, forming a part of Bert’s guestbook.

What Can The Cabin With Bert Kreischer Season 2 be About?

‘The Cabin With Bert Kreischer’ follows Bert and his gang of celebrity friends as they reach a remote cabin to purify their soul. After spending so many years in the grind, this seems the right thing to do. Throughout the episodes, we see Bert and the rotating panel of stars indulging in weird therapy techniques, challenging physical routines, and outrageously funny encounters with nature. However, they carry out the activities in such haste that the end results are always disastrous! Season 2 will embrace the same format while chronicling Bert’s efforts to invite more friends in his ‘purifying retreat’.

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