The Challenge: All Stars Episode 3: What to Expect?

This week’s ‘The Challenge: All Stars’ episode 2 is another insane journey replete with drama and adventure. The players tackle each other in a task involving free-falling in a dangerous environment while two women compete against each other in a game of strategy and strength to survive the show. But you don’t have to worry if you missed the second episode; you can find out what happened through our detailed recap. For information about the upcoming ‘The Challenge: All Stars’ episode 3, we’ve got you covered!

The Challenge: All Stars Episode 3 Release Date

‘The Challenge: All Stars’ episode 3 is scheduled to premiere on April 15, 2021, at 3 am ET on Paramount+. New episodes drop every Thursday on the streaming service.

Where to Watch The Challenge: All Stars Episode 3 Online?

You can watch ‘The Challenge: All Stars’ episode 3 on Paramount+ after it releases on the platform. You can also purchase or rent the episodes on VOD platforms like  Apple TV and Amazon Prime Video (free for Prime users who have Paramount+ added to their subscriptions).

The Challenge: All Stars Episode 3 Spoilers

In the next episode of ‘The Challenge: All Stars,’ there will be a tougher challenge waiting to be unleashed upon the players. First up is the trivia challenge, where they will have to answer questions while fighting adverse situations. The losing contestants will tackle each other at the Arena in another nail-biting and adventurous task. Besides, the All Stars are also notorious for their relentless fights leading to eternal drama, and we’re sure there is more to go. In the nomination round, all the players will vote for the person who they think should not be in the competition.

The Challenge: All Stars Episode 2 Recap

Right from the beginning of this hyped spin-off, ‘The Challenge: All Stars’ has started to test the contestants, and the second episode is no different. Drama takes the forefront as Katie and Trishelle fight over old issues that never got resolved. Trishelle came to the show hoping that Katie would have her back, considering they used to be roommates before. But Katie doesn’t seem too keen on that idea. This is all before the legendary fight, which takes place later when Trishelle finally snaps. Meanwhile, Trishelle tries to make amends with Aneesa for racist remarks thrown at each other nine years ago.

The contestants later gather up for a trivia challenge, and the questions are all related to previous seasons. The contestants are suspended at 30 feet in the air, and for every wrong answer, they inch downwards toward an icy flooring that could break anytime. Out of the men, Nehemiah and Teck go neck to neck, but Nehemiah wins the task. On the other hand, Trishelle is one to fall into the water first. Kendal also breaks loose and then gets eliminated in the women’s round while Aneesa wins it. Trishelle cannot decide who to go against in the Arena. Everyone nominates Kendal except for Garett.

The last competition is the Arena, and this one is called “Knot So Fast,” and quite like the name, the women have to wrap a heavy rope around a wide structure, knotting it as tightly and abundantly as possible. The women then switch places, and the opponent then has to untie the knot done by the other. Trishelle fails the task and leaves the competition.

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