The Challenge: All Stars Episode 5: What to Expect?

This week’s ‘The Challenge: All Stars’ episode 4 takes us on a nail-biting ride as the fate of the contestants is left “hanging” on two tasks involving ropes. Mark also discloses his plans on using the Lifesaver to all the females, who are the only ones competing in this episode. If you want more information about the rest of the episode, the recap section is comprehensively laid out. Without further ado, let us move on to the particulars about the upcoming ‘The Challenge: All Stars’ episode 5!

The Challenge: All Stars Episode 5 Release Date

‘The Challenge: All Stars’ episode 5 is slated to premiere on April 29, 2021, at 3 am ET on Paramount+. New episodes drop every Thursday on the streamer.

Where to Watch The Challenge: All Stars Episode 5 Online?

You can watch ‘The Challenge: All Stars’ episode 5 on Paramount+ after it releases on the streaming platform as mentioned above. You can additionally buy or rent the episodes on VOD platforms like  Apple TV and Amazon Prime Video (free for Prime users who have included Paramount+ in their subscriptions).

The Challenge: All Stars Episode 5 Spoilers

In the next episode of ‘The Challenge: All Stars,’ the players will come around and compete against each other in a brand new but outrageous task that will leave us flabbergasted as always! The team challenge will be the first task, where they will be divided into groups followed by nominations. Everyone will pick out and vote against the person who they think does not deserve to stay. Two nominated contestants will face each other in the Arena in another deciding challenge. We can also expect more drama to brew between the “All Stars.”

The Challenge: All Stars Episode 4 Recap

In the latest episode of ‘The Challenge: All Stars,’ called ‘Semi-Charmed Lifesaver,’ the contestants gather in teams of four to compete in a fresh challenge involving ropes. They have to race across ropes, and once they make it to the other side, they can release a rope that might be supporting one of their opponents. The team to release more ropes wins. The Black team (Kendal, Laterrian, KellyAnne, Darrell, Jisela) wins the first round while Gold (Ruthie, Derrick, Aneesa, Mark) wins the next.

Before the elimination, Katie gives herself up for nomination because she didn’t attempt the previous challenge, although her elimination record has been remarkable, even better than her task record. The players then let loose at a party where Arissa seems aloof, and Alton is surprised at her transformed behavior. Mark vows not to throw any of the girls (except for Kendal) under the bus in case he uses the Lifesaver.

But the tables turn when it is revealed that the Lifesaver doesn’t work the way they had thought it does. Beth and Katie are about to compete when Mark brings Katie back to the stands. But instead of Mark choosing the second opponent, they all have to vote, and sure enough, Arissa gets nominated. The task comprises the players pulling four heavy walls using long ropes and then throw balls over the walls and punch through to the other side until they’re done with three walls. But even before it begins, Arissa quits and yells at everyone for having voted against her.

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