The Chosen One Season 2: Renewal Possibilities Explored

The Chosen One,’ directed by Everardo Gout, is a Netflix Mexican action-adventure show that revolves around a kid with a divine fate. After Jodie Christianson discovers that he has supernatural powers that go beyond the realm of any explanations, his life turns upside down once his small town of Santa Rosalía declares him a son of God, Christ reincarnate. Shoved into a greater destiny, Jodie must choose between the quiet, if eclectic, mundane life he has with his mother, Sarah, who has been keeping grave secrets from him, or life as his town’s revered messiah.

The show charts a thrilling tale ripe with biblical notions about a kid’s journey through self-actualization. In doing so, it creates a compelling coming-of-age narrative within an unconventional setting and deals with themes of Christianity, fame, and teenagehood. Though the show’s first season is self-contained and conclusive, it ends on a high note, leaving the fans wanting more. If you’re curious about the show’s potential for a second season, here is everything you need to know!

Will There Be a The Chosen One Season 2?

‘The Chosen One’ premiered on August 16, 2023, with six episodes ranging from 35 to 47 minutes in runtime on Netflix. Presenting a fantastical tale of self-discovery set in the small town of Santa Rosalía in Mexico, the show maintains an air of eerie intrigue around the protagonist, Jodie. Eventually, as the plot unfolds, the secrets about Jodie’s past are uncovered until his life rapidly plummets into a disastrous spiral.

In line with Jodie’s life, the show’s ending concludes on a chaotic note that puts everything in perspective and brings a new meaning to the story. Although no announcements have been made yet about the show’s renewal, the narrative certainly leaves the scope for the same wide open. The first season acts as a setup with a satisfying pay-off. Therefore, with a potential second season, the narrative can explore that final twist and showcase its wild consequences.

‘The Chosen One’ is an adaptation of a graphic novel series titled ‘American Jesus’ by Mark Millar and Peter Gross. The comics come as a trilogy, with ‘Chosen’ as the first installment and the primary source of inspiration for the first season. As such, in the event of a renewal, the show will likely follow a similar storyline set forth by the source material. If the show decides to follow in the footsteps of ‘American Jesus Volume 2: The New Messiah,’ viewers can expect to see the introduction of a mysterious new character with their own set of struggles.

Meanwhile, characters like Jodie, Sarah, and Lemuel will probably make an appearance in the second season, providing fans with some continuation of how their lives will be going since we last saw them. Additionally, the show can explore the narrative’s biblical fantasy aspect with many more Christianity-related parallels to come.

Considering the popularity of Millar’s work, especially his on-screen adaptations such as ‘Kick-Ass‘ and the ‘Kingsman‘ franchise, the likelihood of Netflix greenlighting ‘The Chosen One’ is high. Furthermore, the streaming platform seems to have a pre-existing inclination toward Millar, given their previous collaboration on ‘Jupiter’s Legacy,’ alongside several other slated future projects. Consequently, it’s likely that a second season will get finalized in order to adapt the story authentically.

Therefore, it’s safe to assume that ‘The Chosen One’ will likely be renewed for another season that will pack a thrilling biblical punch. Nevertheless, since Netflix hasn’t confirmed a renewal yet, it’s best not to pin any set date on it. Moreover, the show’s overall ratings and viewership will significantly affect the production companies’ final decision. Still, if the show gets renewed in the near future, a second season can hit the screens as soon as late 2024.

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