The Chosen Season 2 Episode 6: What to Expect?

‘The Chosen’ season 2 episode 5 picks up right where we left off and chronicles Simon Z’s search for Jesus. A new and dangerous threat coincides with his arrival at Jesus and the disciples’ camp. Meanwhile, the Sanhedrin takes a more avid interest in Jesus and his activities. You can find the highlights of this week’s episode in the recap section. Those wondering about the story’s next chapter, here’s what’s in store for ‘The Chosen’ season 2 episode 6.

The Chosen Season 2 Episode 6 Release Date

The release date for ‘The Chosen’ season 2 episode 6, is currently unannounced, but it is expected to release sometime in June 2021. New episodes premiere at 8:00 pm CDT. The second season consists of 8 episodes with a runtime of 54-55 minutes each.

Where to Stream The Chosen Season 2 Episode 6 Online?

‘The Chosen’ season 2 episode 6 will be available to stream on the official website of Angel Studios or BYUtv. Furthermore, the new episode can also be watched with the help of VidAngel, which offers free streaming of ‘The Chosen.’ The first season is available to stream on Peacock TV (free) and YouTube (video-on-demand). Season 2 will likely become available on these platforms soon.

The Chosen Season 2 Episode 6 Spoilers

‘The Chosen’ season 2 episode 6 will likely deal with John the Baptizer and his mission to call out Herod for marrying Herodias, an act that is considered a sin. Mary Magdalene has been in some distress, and she could very well be possessed by a demon. Simon and Matthew will have their hands full searching for her and may run into some trouble. Jesus might have to cast out the demon from her, a task which will certainly have implications on Jesus and his followers.

The Chosen Season 2 Episode 5 Recap

The fifth episode of ‘The Chosen’ season 2 is called ‘Spirit.’ It opens with Mary Magdalene encountering a Roman, which distracts her, and she has trouble memorizing the scriptures. Simon Z’s brother, Jesse, who Jesus healed in the previous episode, is interrogated by Shmuel and Yanni. They later provide an update to the Sanhedrin about the situation. Meanwhile, Simon Z continues looking for Jesus and his disciples. In the process, he comes across a demon-possessed man named Caleb.

Meanwhile, John the Baptizer meets Jesus. They discuss how prepared they are for the road ahead. Simon Z arrives at the disciples’ camp just as Caleb attacks them. Simon Z tries to subdue him. Jesus arrives and casts the demon out much to the awe of the disciples. Simon Z receives his calling from Jesus, and John the Baptizer also pledges himself to Jesus’ cause. John the Baptizer then leaves for Jerusalem on a mission. A distraught Mary Magdalene visits a tavern. The episode closes with Jesus sending Simon and Matthew in search of Mary Magdalene.

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