The Collection Season 2: Cancelled or Renewed?

‘The Collection’ is a historical period drama web television series that is available on Amazon Prime Video and co-produced by Amazon Studios, BBC Worldwide, Lookout Point, Federation Entertainment, and France Télévisions. Created by ‘Pretty Little Liars‘ showrunner  Oliver Goldstick and directed by Dearbhla Walsh and Dan Zeff, the show follows two warring brothers who run a fashion house in post-WWII Paris.

A relatively new show, the first season of ‘The Collection’, consisting of eight episodes, premiered on Amazon Prime Video on September 2, 2016, and ended its run on October 21, 2016. While the show did not impress television critics all that much, it managed to create its own set of followers, who have been waiting for a second season ever since the first one aired. Here’s everything we know about it.

The Collection Cast: Who is in it?

‘The Collection’ primarily revolves around the relationship between two brothers running a fashion house in post-WWII Paris. Richard Coyle steps into the shoes of the mysterious Paul Sabine, while Tom Riley plays his brother, creative genius Claude Sabine. Meryl Streep’s daughter, Mamie Gummer, meanwhile, plays the role of Paul’s supportive yet often distressed wife, Helen Sabine. Further, Frances de la Tour plays Paul and Claude’s mother, Yvette Sabine, who is the family’s scheming matriarch with her own agenda.

Further, James Cosmo puts in a powerful performance as wealthy businessman Jules Trouvier. Jenna Thiam plays the role of Sabine seamstress Nina, while Irene Jacob from ‘Three Colours: Red’ plays Nina’s mother and another Sabine seamstress, Marianne. Additionally, other important cast members in the show include Max Deacon as photographer Billy Novak, Alix Poisson as Charlotte, Alexandre Brasseur as Victor, Poppy Corby-Tuech as Dominique, Bethan Mary James as Juliette, and Sarah Parish as Marjorie Stutter, to name a few.

In the unlikely event the show is renewed for a second season, we would most of the aforementioned cast members to make a comeback and reprise their roles.

The Collection Plot: What is it about?

Set two years after the end of the Nazi occupation of Paris and the devastation of World War II, ‘The Collection’ follows the politics within the illustrious fashion house of the Sabines, which is tasked by the French President with reinvigorating Paris’ reputation as the go-to destination for and the revolutionary global center for high-fashion.

To help the Sabines in this regard, Jules Trouvier teams up with the mysterious Paul to help the Sabines achieve the task. Complicating matters for Paul, however, is his relationship with his brother Claude, who is the true creative genius behind the success of their family fashion house. While Claude does not have a good relationship with his brother, he himself is a wreck who spends his days drinking, having sex, and wallowing in self-pity. Adding more flavour to the family politics, of course, is Sabine matriarch Yvette, who is a manipulative and controlling woman using his sons to achieve her own ambitions.

With each person capable of pulling the strings within the Sabine fashion house having their own agenda, what unfolds is a drama wherein everyone clashes with each other. The show is also replete with dark secrets behind every major character, internal rivalries and betrayals, romance, and twists and turns at every corner. Amid all this drama, the show also manages, to an extent, to capture the unease that arose in Europe in the backdrop of the Cold War, and the tension in post-WWII Paris surrounding the presence of potential Nazi collaborators and the hunt for these people.

The plot of the show, while not earth-shattering, is brought to life by its masterful costume design that befits a historical period drama with high production values. The performances by almost all of the cast members too are extremely powerful, and this serves the function of drawing viewers in making them care for each and every character who graces the screen.

Yet, for all its sheen, ‘The Collection’ failed to impress television critics. While most of them praised the brilliant performances by the show’s star-studded cast, they criticized the overall execution of what could have been a memorable period drama. On review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes, ‘The Collection’ thus has a poor score of 42%, with the critics consensus reading, “The Collection’s impeccable visual style masks a muddled drama whose attempts at fashion-driven intrigue all too often stumble.” That being said, ‘The Collection’ has fared better among viewers, who have given it a decent rating of 7.1/10 on IMDb.

The Collection Season 2 Release Date: Cancelled or Renewed?

Right after season 1 premiered on September 2, 2016, owing to its glamour and its brilliant cast, ‘The Collection’ inevitably created its own fan base, who have all been eagerly waiting for a second season of drama in the world of Parisian high-fashion. Their hopes weren’t particularly misplaced – ‘The Collection’ did have the visuals, drama, and cast to keep viewers hooked for a long time.

However, for reasons unknown, it appears that Amazon has pulled the plug on the show, considering that we have not heard any news pertaining to its renewal for three long years. While there’s still a slim chance that Amazon might renew the show (after all, many shows have returned after hiatuses of several years), we would not recommend keeping your hopes up. We are keeping an eye out for any news that might surface about ‘The Collection’ Season 2, and we will update this section when we hear something concrete.

The Collection Trailer:

For reasons stated earlier, there is of course no new trailer of ‘The Collection’ to look forward to. However, in case you have not watched the show, here is the trailer for Season 1 to give you a glimpse into all the drama that awaits you, should you choose to dive head-first into the world of high-fashion on post-WWII Paris.

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