The Cromarties Season 2: Premiere Date, Cast, Trailer, Spoilers & News

Even though reality TV today is almost synonymous with huge-budget productions, the glitter and glamour of the high life, and cutthroat competition both within and between the shows, the actual roots of reality TV in the modern sense lies far from the plethora of talent shows and Numero 88 (i.e. predecessor to Big Brother) spinoffs that we have seen throughout the 2000s. The only mainline equivalent to the original reality show would be Bravo and HGTV’s roster of shows based on Z-listed celebs, their lives and their antics in their posh communities. The earliest example of this formula would be ABC’s long-running The American Sportsman, which would feature star athletes having some family time – sometimes escalating to more adventurous undertakings: scuba diving, wildlife photography, and so on.

With the biggest breakout hit of recent decades, ‘Keeping Up with The Kardashians,’ the reality scene finally went through a paradigm shift that put these ‘celeb family shows’ back on top and in-demand (understandably, even Hulk Hogan followed suit with a show of his own). And in 2018, it has become a common and even cursory sight to find this or that real estate mogul or entrepreneur booting up shows on their own families written off as a docu-series. At any rate, all criticism notwithstanding, some of these shows actually turn out to be objectively enjoyable, with an adorable cast found even in dysfunctional families. Although USA Network’s  ‘The Cromarties’ does not have the discreet intrigue of a dysfunctional family going for it, what it instead offers is a genuinely feel-good show with a very comic vibe to it.

The Cromarties Season 2 Cast: Who’s in it?

The Cromarties, obviously enough, is a show about the Cromarties and features NFL star Antonio Cromarty and his family in the lead roles. The show aired its debut season in a two-segment format, with a batch released in 2017, and another in 2018 – and the long gap did not really cause any hiccup for the show’s viewership because of its mature and lovable cast. It consists of Antonio Cromartie himself, his wife TerroclaCromertie, their children, their 13 (now 14 children) – and of course, the menacing ‘G-Mama’. As the couple confirmed in an interview, all of them will return on the second season, with even more screen time to G-mama, and also the newborn child in the household – Jhett.

The Cromarties Season 2 Plot: What is it about?

The Cromarties follows the household and family of NFL star Antonio Cromartie who played for New York Jets and Indianapolis Colts. As the second season draws to a close, Antonio officially announces his retirement from the football career, as the couple are expecting a baby. So next season, we will get to see Jhett, the new and fourteenth son of the lot, and Cromarties’ attempts to keep up with the daunting task of parenting them.

The Cromarties Season 2 Release Date: When will it premiere?

The Cromarties received a substantially high rating even considering Antonio’s NFL fanbase, and it was certainly a success. As the lead star Antonio himself confirmed, they have future plans for the show and wish to feature in several more seasons. However, the onus is now to USA TV, which will ultimately decide when the show will air. For now, the show has not aired yet, and the official air date, therefore, remains undecided for season 2. We will update you as we receive news on a tentative release date, so do keep a tab on us.

The Cromarties Season 2 Trailer

Since the show has not been scheduled or renewed yet, it can be assumed that filming has not started. Naturally, there is no promo content for the tentative season available yet – including teasers or trailers. So while waiting for further updates, you can get a sneak peek from the second part (2018) of the first season here to see what the show is all about.