The Crown Season 5: Everything We Know

Helmed by Peter Morgan based on his own film ‘The Queen’ and play ‘The Audience,’ the historical dramaThe Crown’ sheds the fantasy filters to portray an intricate and nuanced picture of the British royal family. The story follows the life of Queen Elizabeth II from her marriage to Prince Philip till the contemporary times of the 21st century, and in the process, it reflects upon a slew of historical events such as the Suez Crisis and the tenure of Margaret “Iron Lady” Thatcher.

The acclaimed drama series also throws light on the tumultuous married life of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. Since its release in 2016, the Netflix original show has spawned four seasons so far. The drama has been lauded by critics for its provocative storytelling, stellar performances, and lavish cinematography, backed by an ambient score and set design.

However, as the series depicts the nitty-gritty of the British royal family, it came under attack from British critics and the royal family itself on accounts of the show being “anti-monarchic.” Well, they can’t please everyone, but many are waiting for the fifth season of the seven times Golden Globe-winning series. If you seek to know the release date and other details about the upcoming fifth season, let us keep you posted.

The Crown Season 5 Release Date

‘The Crown’ season 4 premiered in its entirety on November 15, 2020, on Netflix. The fourth season contains 10 episodes with episodic runtimes varying between 47 to 61 minutes.

As far as the update on the fifth season of the fan-favorite drama is concerned, here’s what we know. In January 2020, well ahead of the premiere of the fourth season, Morgan announced that the show had been picked up for a fifth and possibly final season. He told Variety, “Now that we have begun work on the stories for season five it has become clear to me that this is the perfect time and place to stop.” However, in July 2020, Netflix announced that the show will receive a sixth season as previously intended.

The decision was welcomed by the creator who came to understand that the complexity of the series would require another season to do justice to its regal protagonist. Filming for the series usually takes place in the Elstree Studios of London, as well as historical on-site locations in and around Britain. However, production has been deliberately put on hold by a year-long filming break as the crew was busy scouting for new faces to progress the story forward.

Thankfully, the wait is over, and the cameras will expectantly begin to roll on the fifth season by July 2021 under the new normal. If everything goes accordingly and the production wraps up by late 2021 or early 2022, we can expect ‘The Crown’ season 5 to premiere sometime in Summer 2022.

The Crown Season 5 Cast: Who is in it?

The fifth season will once again recast the principal roles with older actors to maintain the temporal continuity as the drama moves towards the end of a century. In the central role of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Imelda Staunton, known for her role in the ‘Harry Potter’ franchise, will succeed Olivia Coleman. Leslie Manville will essay the character of Princess Margaret, being handed over the responsibility from Helena Bonham-Carter.

Jonathan Pryce of ‘Brazil’ fame will portray the character of Prince Philip, alongside Elizabeth Debicki (‘Tenet’), who will take up the character of Lady Diana Spencer after Emma Corrin. Speaking of the daunting role in an interview with Mirror, Elizabeth said, “It’s a dream role. She is such a remarkable human being and she really does still live in the hearts of so many people. I’m overwhelmed, I’m terrified and I’m excited. I can’t wait to start.”

Moreover, Dominic West, who is best known for his critically praised acting in ‘The Wire,’ will play the role of Prince Charles, and Olivia Williams will play the role of Camilla Parker Bowles. Other major characters include Princess Anne, Prince Edward, Prince Andrew, Sarah Ferguson, and Prime Minister John Major, and the casting for these characters will be revealed shortly. There was a rumor about the production finding it difficult to cast in controversial Prince Andrew’s character, but Netflix has denied the buzz.

The Crown Season 5 Plot: What can it be About?

The fourth season of the highly lauded drama is all about female empowerment, as the tension between the Queen and Margaret Thatcher comes to a boiling point. Speeding through the turbulent 1980s, the fourth series also introduces the character of rebellious Princess Diana, who emerges as the most likable character. A highlight from the season is the marriage of Princess Diana and Prince Charles.

By the end of the season, the marriage is already seen to be dwindling, owing to Charles’ affair with Camilla Parker Bowles and Diana’s rendezvous with Major James Hewitt. Upon her return from the solo trip to New York, Diana is put under a lot of pressure by the royal family members. While Charles directs his anger and anxiety towards Diana, Philip advises her to concentrate on serving the Queen.

The fifth season will pick up from the ending of the fourth season and will see the character of Princess Diana coming into prominence as she struggles to adjust to the British monarchy. Early in the season, we shall see the separation of Charles and Diana. In history, the divorce takes place in the year 1992, what the Queen has called the “annus horribilis.” Other troubled marriages are in line, too: Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, will separate, and the marital term of Princess Anne and Mark Philips will officially come to an end with a divorce.

1992 was also the year of the fire at Windsor Castle, and it is an event significant enough to be re-enacted in the drama. Later in the season, we shall see the tragic accident of Princess Diana, a demise that broke the heart of a nation. The season will also showcase snippets of British and world history and might explore the ascension of John Major as the Prime Minister, Operation Desert Storm, and the Good Friday Agreement. As per the show’s creator, the fifth season will be more detailed as the show nears the contemporary era.

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