The Curse of Oak Island S07 E22: When and Where to Watch?

Combining a love for history and treasure hunting, ‘The Curse of Oak Island‘ continues to be an excellent series. We follow the Lagina brothers and their crew as they attempt to unearth the treasures hidden in the titular island. Often, they hit dead ends, or cower before the forces of nature. However, over the seasons, the crew has shown immense optimism and perseverance to continue their search.

The show is currently on Season 7, and the focus has been on a human-made swamp that might hold the answers they have been searching for. The Money Pit is a point of interest, and the underground flooding tunnels have only led the crew to believe that they are on the right path.

The last episode shows the members uncovering some wood and a metal latch. Both items raise their hopes about the treasure being elusively near. Curious to find out what happens in the latest episode? We have the rundown, apart from information on when and where to watch it.

The Curse of Oak Island Season 7 Episode 22 Release Date: When Does it Premiere?

‘The Curse of Oak Island’ Season 7 Episode 22  is slated to air on Tuesday, April 21, 2020, at 9/8c on the History Channel. The upcoming episode is titled “Marks X The Spot.”

Where to Watch The Curse of Oak Island Season 7 Episode 22 Online?

”The Curse of Oak Island” is on the History Channel, so the easiest way to see it is with a cable connection. If you don’t have one, head to the History Channel site, and stream the episodes. Cord cutters have plenty of options available like Fubo TvSling Tv, and Philo Tv, to stream the latest episodes.

If you are a Hulu subscriber, you can watch up to Season 6 of the show, and there is a good chance that Season 7 will be added to the platform as well, once it finishes airing on the History Channel. Amazon Prime users can always buy and stream the show’s episodes.

The Curse of Oak Island Season 7 Episode 21 Recap:

The episode has an emotional moment when Rick Restall and Lee Lamb return to the island. They are the only two remaining children of Robert Restall, who worked on the island back in the 1950s. Unfortunately, he passed away while digging a shaft.

Rick recounts the times he spent on the island, in some heart touching sequences. The episode is proof of the determination and sacrifices required to find the treasure on this cursed island. Elsewhere, the team finds a piece of pottery, and are sure that it is old. Once again, the searchers believe that they’re close to the Money Pit.

Gary Drayton is especially excited upon finding a pickaxe 90 feet in the ground. He believes the buried item might put a smile on Rick and Marty’s face. A stonemason’s tool, which they also dig up, only urges them forward. When Carmen Leggae is brought in, he informs them that the objects date back to the 14th century.

With winter coming, will the team find the treasure? Only the upcoming episodes can tell us.

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