The Deep Season 4: Premiere Date, Cast, Recap, Update

‘The Deep’ is an Australian-Canadian co-production that follows the storyline of a comic book created by Tom Taylor and James Brouwer. The action-adventure show and science fantasy animated series originally premiered in Australia on 7TWO on December 1, 2015, after which it was broadcast in Canada from January 2016 on Family Chrgd. Netflix then took over its international distribution rights and released the first season on June 1, 2016.

‘The Deep’ has been renewed for three seasons to date. Now, will it come back for a fourth installment? Well, here’s all you need to know about ‘The Deep’ season 4.

The Deep Cast: Who’s in it?

The members of the Nekton family, who form the primary protagonists of ‘The Deep’, are played by Vincent Tong as Antaeus (Ant) Nekton, Ashleigh Ball as Fontaine Nekton, Michael Dobson as Will Nekton, and Kathleen Barr as Kaiko Nekton.

Enacting the roles of the Nektons’ main allies are James Higuchi as Professor Fiction, Saffron Henderson as Agnes De-Kretser, Michael Kopsa as Bob Gorman, Shannon Chan-Kent as Jess Gorman, Ian James Corlett as Lester, Cole Howard as Griffin, Nicole Oliver as Commander Pyrosome, and Lee Tockar as Kenji. Lee Tockar again joins the cast as Nereus, Vincent Tong as Glaucus, and Kathleen Barr as Tethys.

The major antagonists in the show are Captain Hammerhead (Michael Dobson), Smiling Finn (Samuel Vincent), Mad Madeline (Kazumi Evans), Danny Boy (Brian Drummond), Proteus (Brian Drummond), Captain Marco, Captain Hernandez, Sebastian Conger, and Alpheus Benthos (Andrew Francis).

The Deep Plot: What’s it about?

‘The Deep’ follows the Nekton family, a clan of fearless, adventure-seeking voyagers who live underwater in a high-tech submarine, called The Aronnax. Their primary goal is to explore the deepest corners of the ocean and unearth its various secrets. They are, in fact, descendants of the Lemurians, inhabitants of Lemuria, a kingdom that was discovered by one of the ancestors of the Nektons. And this is why this strange family is so much drawn to the sea and its several hidden mysteries.

‘The Deep’, soon after its launch, progressed to become a wildly successful animated series that chronicles the multiple adventures of the Nektons as they tackle baffling mysteries, encounter dangerous pirates, and have incredible face-offs with fantastic creatures. In season 3, the heroes need to battle the Monumentials, massive creatures who are waking up from their prolonged slumber. Now, the Nektons must figure out the location of the ancient city of Lemuria and uncover a secret housed by this kingdom, which is pivotal in putting the giants back to sleep before it is too late. Ant, Fontaine, Will, and Kaiko would obviously meet multiple fearsome beasts in their quest but with help from Jeffrey the Fish, they must somehow discover a solution to this ‘giant-sized’ problem.

‘The Deep’ is an internationally acclaimed and a global hit series, airing in over 180 territories. Even when you are not watching its episodes, you can interact with the story and its characters on the show’s official website. There is a dedicated YouTube Channel for the title and it has even inspired the launch of a real-life mission for actual explorers. A series of expeditions, called First Descent, was introduced in Seychelles in the Indian Ocean to help protect the globe’s least protected and most at-risk water body.

The Deep Season 4 Release Date: When will it premiere?

‘The Deep’ season 3 premiered on ABC ME in Australia on March 3, 2019, after being renewed for a third season on February 13, 2018. It comprises 13 episodes, each spanning a run-time of 30 minutes. Season 3 released internationally on Netflix on November 1, 2019, bringing the total run of the series to 52 episodes.

Now, as far as a renewal goes, there has not been an official announcement yet. But here is the good news. It is almost confirmed that the creators are working toward a new season. As per executive producer Robert Chandler’s tweet, “We’re working on it …. we really are. #The Deep #HaveFaithInTheFish”. Season 4 is expected to be about the Nekton family as they set out to search for William’s parents and discover what happened to them. The story ends with these questions in the season three finale, ‘The Sceptre’, and hence, we expect the next season to pick up from here.

We do not have an update on next season’s release date or its number of episodes. But going by the release pattern of previous seasons, ‘The Deep’ season 4 should release sometime in October to November 2020 on Netflix and will most likely feature 13, half-hour episodes. We shall update this section as and when we learn more.

The Deep Trailer:

While we wait for an update on ‘The Deep’ Season 4, you can check out the official trailer for season 3 below. You can also head to Netflix if you wish to catch up on all the previous episodes from the series.

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