The Devil Judge Season 2: Renewal Possibilities Explored?

‘The Devil Judge’ is a South Korean drama show that revolves around an unconventional courtroom where the population votes on the defendant’s fate. Set in Seoul with a dystopian government, the show follows Kang Yo-han, a respected and ruthless Judge who becomes the face of the country’s judicial reforms. Using his platform at the Live Court Show, Yo-han goes up against the corrupt city officials, including the ludicrous Social Responsibility Foundation head, Jung Sun-a, and the President, Heo Joong-Se. However, Yo-han’s close associate and companion, Kim Ga-on, continues to question the former’s morality in light of his unlawful methods and mysterious past.

The show depicts an enthralling storyline full of intrigue and fascinating twists. Furthermore, the relationship between Yo-han and Ga-on forms a riveting central dynamic that drives the narrative’s emotional nucleus. With socially relevant themes of class disparity, privilege, and power abuse explored, the show easily captivates its viewers. Due to the same, fans of the show are bound to wonder about the possibility of a follow-up to the first season. Here is everything you need to know about the same!

Will There Be a The Devil Judge Season 2?

Originally titled ‘Angmapansa,’ ‘The Devil Judge’ aired on the TVN Network in South Korea from July 3 to August 22, 2023. The show got an internet release in select countries around December 2021 and was available to stream in the USA on August 23, 2023, on Netflix. With a total of 16 episodes ranging from 67 to 95 minutes in runtime, the show crafts a detailed and rich world plagued by the consequences of a chaotic virus that led to a clear class divide and growing anti-poor sentiments alongside the citizens’ hatred toward authority. From the chaos emerges Kang Yo-han, heir to a great fortune with a dark past, determined to bring justice to the people at the cost of his own mortality.

The show was immensely well-received at the time of its release and saw phenomenal viewership, garnering mostly positive reviews from the audience and critics alike. Even so, TVN hasn’t renewed the show in the two years following its initial release. Although the same casts the possibility of a season 2 in a dark shadow, there is always a chance that the show may get picked up again by the same network or another. From a creative standpoint, there is certainly a scope for it.

Although the first season ends with the narrative wrapping up most loose ends in a satisfactory conclusion, it leaves behind a tiny chance for the continuation of Yo-han and Ga-on’s story. As a result, ‘The Devil Judge’ fans have been pushing for the show to be picked up again for another season for some time now. When asked about the same, the show writer, Yoo-Seok Moon, discussed the prospect of picking the show up again.

In the interview, Moon shared that he would be open to creating a follow-up season depending on the fan’s enthusiasm for the story’s continuation. The writer also disclosed he would enjoy writing another season with a more upbeat action tone reminiscent of BBC’s ‘Sherlock‘ or the famous French crime showLupin.’

With its introduction to Netflix, ‘The Devil Judge’ will likely be exposed to a newer audience and gain more traction through social media. Therefore, if the show gains enough popularity and performs well on the streaming site, it might get renewed for another season or get picked up by a different production company. In that regard, the chances of a second season are highly based on the show’s performance on Netflix.

If the show gets renewed for another season, ‘The Devil Judge’ season 2 may hit the screens as soon as mid-2025. We will likely see a continuation of Yo-han and Ga-on’s story as they pursue their fight against corruption and develop their personal relationships. Still, since it’s all speculation as of yet, fans are encouraged to wait for an official statement by TVN or Netflix.

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