The Diplomat Season 2: Possibilities Explored

Netflix’s ‘The Diplomat’ is a political thriller series that familiarises the audience with the nature of an ambassador’s job. We follow the personal and professional life of Kate Wyler, who discovers that her new assignment in London has much more to do with the future of her career. Created by Debora Cahn, the show weaves an intricate mystery and throws the protagonist into one impossible situation after another. This makes for a compelling watch, keeping the audience hooked till the end. If you loved the show and want to know what the future has in store for it, then here’s all you need to know about ‘The Diplomat’ Season 2. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Will There Be a Second Season of The Diplomat?

‘The Diplomat’ Season 1 was released on Netflix on April 20, 2023, in its entirety. The first season consists of eight episodes of about 50 minutes each. It was received well by critics, and the twists and turns will keep the audience around till the end.

Image Credit: Alex Bailey/Netflix

Concerning the second season of the show, here’s what we know. As of now, Netflix hasn’t made any official announcements about the renewal. The streaming service depends on the audience’s response to consider a series worthy of getting renewed for another season. With the general popularity of political and espionage thrillers, like ‘The Night Agent,’ which received a speedy Season 2 renewal, we expect ‘The Diplomat’ to follow suit.

While we wait for Netflix to confirm its return, we can vouch that Cahn envisioned ‘The Diplomat’ as a series with multiple seasons. In an interview with Vanity Fair, she revealed that she had a plan in mind regarding the characters and events in the show, and the first season was just the world-building for a story that is supposed to unfold over several seasons. Here’s what we believe can happen in the following season.

The first season of ‘The Diplomat’ ends with a huge twist. Kate discovers that the bombing of the British warship was not orchestrated by Iran or Russia. PM Nicol Trowbridge was responsible for it. Before she can do anything about it, she finds out about the bomb blast in which her husband, Hal, and her right-hand man, Stuart, are severely injured.

The second season could pick up in its immediate aftermath. Kate will have to figure out how to expose Trowbridge to the world. Considering that he is the PM of the country where she is simply an ambassador, it won’t be easy for her to show the world who he really is. The people who could have spoken out against him have also been silenced, making Kate’s task more difficult and putting a target on her back.

The first season also builds up some questions around Kate and Hal’s marriage and her decision about the offer of becoming the next Vice President. We could get some definitive answers on these fronts in the second season. If Kate is set on the path to becoming the VP, we could see her taking on new assignments. This means that the sophomore season could use a time jump to show Kate in a different setting, handling a different crisis in a different country.

There is still a lot to be explored in ‘The Diplomat.’ Certain characters, like Margaret Roylin, seemed to be on the sidelines but actually played a pivotal role in how the events shaped up. The second season could focus more on them and expand the scale of the story. Considering the time it takes to produce a series of such scale, we expect ‘The Diplomat’ Season 2 to release sometime in early 2025.

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