The Endgame Season 1: Release Date, Cast, and Plot Details + ++++++++

Image Credit: Eric Liebowitz/NBC

‘The Endgame’ is a crime drama series that centers around a criminal mastermind, Elena Federova, who plans several bank heists, not just under normal circumstances though. She brings her plans to fruition even when she is behind bars and with an FBI agent doing her best to stop her. Created by Jake Coburn and Nicholas Wootton, the show promises to deliver loads of thrill and suspense, with a lot of twists and turns as the season progresses. Are you looking forward to ‘The Endgame’ season 1? Well, we have laid out all the details you need to know about the show!

The Endgame Season 1 Release Date

‘The Endgame’ season 1 will release on February 21, 2022, at 10/9c on NBC. The crime drama series is slated to follow a weekly release pattern, dropping one hour-long episode every Monday.

The Endgame Season 1 Cast: Who is in it?

The cast of ‘The Endgame’ comprises some talented actors like Morena Baccarin, who plays the character of Elena Federova. She is well known for her role in ‘Deadpool’ and ‘Deadpool 2’ as Vanessa Carlysle and in the classic science fiction series ‘Firefly’ for the role of Inara Serra. In ‘The Endgame’, Elena is the brains behind all the bank heists that take place in the series even though she is being held captive by the Feds. Representing the Feds is Ryan Michelle Bathe, who plays the role of Val Fitzgerald, who is determined to do anything to prevent Federova from orchestrating her plan.

Bathe is popular for starring in ‘Sylvie’s Love’ and the shows ‘This Is Us,’ ‘All Rise,’ and ‘First Wives Club’. The cast also includes the likes of Costa Ronin as Sergey Vodianov, Aaron Costa Ganis as Robert Lawton, Kamal Angelo Bolden as Elgin Turner, Noah Bean as Adic Jonathan Doak, Jordan Johnson-Hinds as Anthony Flowers, and Mark D. Espinoza as Rogelio Real.

The Endgame Season 1 Plot: What is it About?

‘The Endgame’ is a high-skates thriller series that revolves around the criminal mastermind and international arms dealer Elena Federova, who is recently captured by the FBI. However, being a captive does not stop her from orchestrating a large number of coordinated and successful bank heists throughout New York for a mysterious reason. Val Fitzgerald is a relentless, socially outcast, and principled FBI agent, who tries to stand between Federova and her ambitious plan of bank heists.

Even though the main plot sounds a lot like several other NBC dramas such as ‘The Blacklist’ and ‘The Enemy Within’ — both of which involve a criminal mastermind and an FBI agent — ‘The Endgame’ is expected to have some differences that make this series stand out from the rest of the shows in this genre. This gripping crime drama reveals the lengths that people can go to for justice, love, and truth. Only time will tell how many twists and turns the story possesses and what the future holds for the ambitious Federova. You can get an idea of what to expect by watching the trailer!

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