The Expanse Season 6: Release Date, Cast and Plot Details

The Expanse’ is a sci-fi television series set hundreds of years in the future, in an era where humans have colonized the solar system. It follows the various people involved in the rising tension between Earth and Mars. At the heart of this conflict lies one of the greatest conspiracies of human history. The series is developed by Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby based on James S. A. Corey’s novel series of the same name.

Over five seasons, it has garnered positive reception from critics and gained a passionate fan following. The show’s fifth season ends on a massive cliffhanger, leaving fans worried and anxious but also excited about the futures of their favorite characters. If you are one of the fans looking for more information on ‘The Expanse’ season 6, here’s everything we know in that regard!

The Expanse Season 6 Release Date

‘The Expanse’ season 5 arrived on December 15, 2020, on Amazon Prime Video. The fifth season concluded with the finale dropping on February 2, 2021. Season 5 of the show consists of ten episodes with a runtime of 42 to 56 minutes each.

Now, let’s take a look at the prospects of a sixth season. Amazon Prime picked up the series for a fourth season after Syfy, the show’s original home network, had axed it. In November 2020, ahead of the premiere of the fifth season, it was announced that the streaming service had renewed the series for a sixth and final season.

Production on the show’s final season has been taking place at lightspeed, and filming started in January 2021. The principal photography was completed in May 2021. While a release date for the new season hasn’t been revealed, the previous two seasons ordered by Amazon Prime landed on the platform in December. The meticulous post-production work that is required on the space opera series could be completed before the end of the year. Therefore, if everything works out smoothly, ‘The Expanse’ season 6 is expected to release sometime in December 2021.

There is also the possibility of the series continuing beyond season 6 on another platform. After all, ‘The Expanse’ is extremely popular and also a hit with critics. It has adapted approximately one volume per season so far from the Nine-volume saga told in Corey’s novels. Therefore, there are definitely more stories to explore in this world. Showrunner Naren Shankar has expressed an interest in continuing the story but noted that the decision was ultimately up to the show’s parent studio.

Taking the aforementioned factors into account, it seems like season 6 is the end of the road for ‘The Expanse.’ While the news is disheartening for fans, they can find solace in the fact that the makers will be able to craft a satisfying conclusion, and the show most likely won’t be ending on a cliffhanger.

The Expanse Season 6 Cast: Who is in it?

‘The Expanse’ features an ensemble cast led by Steven Strait, who essays the role of James Holden, the captain of the Rocinante. Dominique Tipper and Wes Chatham also appear in the lead roles of Naomi Nagata and Amos Burton, an engineer, and mechanic on the Rocinante, respectively. The rest of the main cast comprises Shohreh Aghdashloo (UN Secretary-General Chrisjen Avasarala), Frankie Adams (Martian Sergeant Roberta “Bobbie” Draper), Tim DeKay (Martian Admiral Emil Sauveterre), Cara Gee (Captain Camina Drummer), Keon Alexander (Marco Inaros), and Jasai Chase Owens (Filip Inaros).

Most of the prominent cast members are likely to reprise their roles for the final season. Cas Anvar, who appears as Alex Kamal in the show’s first five seasons, won’t be returning for season 6. Anvar’s character gets killed off in the season 5 finale following a slew of sexual misconduct allegations against the actor. Some new faces are expected to be a part of the cast for the sixth season, but the details are likely being kept under wraps for now.

The Expanse Season 6 Plot: What is it About?

In the finale of ‘The Expanse’ season 5, the rebel Belter leader Marco Inaros attacks the Earth while the Rocinante crew are given complex individual missions. In the end, the crew reunites on Luna with the exception of Kamal, who dies from a stroke while piloting the Razorback. The Rocinante crew’s efforts deliver major setbacks to Inaros’ ambitions. The newly re-instated UN Secretary-General Chrisjen Avasarala intends to capitalize on the Rocinante crew’s success. The closing moments of season 5 depict mysterious entities devouring the MCRN Barkeith beyond the ring space.

Season 6 will likely adapt the sixth novel in the bestselling novel series titled ‘Babylon’s Ashes.’ In the final season, Inaros’ attack could potentially start an all-out war, and the power struggle in the system could get more ruthless. We might also learn more about the events going on outside the ring space, which hold the power to directly impact the ongoing crisis in the solar system.

In an interview with Collider, producer Ty Franck teased the plans for season 6. He said, “I think, the thing that season six does is it pays off the story that we began in episode one of season one where the Martians, the Earthers, and the Belters were all in this incredibly uneasy and unstable political system with the Belters absolutely being at the foot of that table and everybody fighting for their place in the solar system. I think we pay off that story in a very satisfying way.”

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