The Flight Attendant Season 2: Everything We know

Steve Yockey’s HBO series ‘The Flight Attendant’ combines comedy, drama, mystery, and action in just the right doses. Based on a novel of the same name by author Chris Bohjalian, ‘The Flight Attendant’ follows the story of an alcoholic flight attendant Cassie Bowden, whose reckless lifestyle finds her entangled in a messy situation. Along with her friends, co-workers, several bad decisions, and with the FBI close on her tail, Cassie attempts to extricate herself from the situation and get her life back on track.

The show first released in November 2020, exclusively on HBO Max. It has mainly received positive reviews from critics, thanks in no small part to star and executive producer Kaley Cuoco, who dons Cassie’s chaotic character with aplomb. Now, fans can’t wait to see what’s next for Cassie. If you’re curious about the release date and other details of ‘The Flight Attendant’ season 2, here’s everything you need to know!

The Flight Attendant Season 2 Release Date

‘The Flight Attendant’ season 1 premiered on November 26, 2020, on HBO Max, with three episodes. It released two new episodes every week after that until the finale episode dropped on December 17, 2020. In totality, the show packs eight episodes of about 45 minutes each.

The second season of ‘The Flight Attendant’ was announced on December 18, 2020, just one day after the season finale of the first season. Although the show was conceived as a mini-series, HBO has confirmed that Cassie will be returning for season 2 of ‘The Flight Attendant,’ indicating its transformation into a multi-season show. In a statement, the show’s executive producers Greg Berlanti and Sarah Schechter said, “We are thrilled that people have responded so positively to our beloved show, and in particular Kaley Cuoco’s incredible, tour de force performance.”

As far as the release date is concerned, here’s what we know. Since production on season 2 has not yet started, we can expect a bit of a wait considering the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. In early March 2021, Warner Media CEO Jason Kilar revealed during AT&T’s Investor Day that ‘The Flight Attendant’ season 2 is slated for release sometime in Spring 2022.

The Flight Attendant Season 2 Cast: Who can be in it?

Though there have been no official announcements on the entire cast for season 2, the network confirmed that Kaley Cuoco would be donning her role of Cassie again. Zosia Mamet will also return as Cassie’s best friend and lawyer Annie, as will Rosie Perez and Griffin Matthews as CIA agents Megan and Shane, respectively. Unfortunately, Alex Sokolov’s Michiel, who dies in the first episode of season 1 but frequently makes an appearance in Cassie’s mind palace, will most likely not be returning.

Other cast members who we can expect to see in season 2 include Theodore Knight as Davey, Michelle Gomez as Miranda, and Colin Woodell as Buckley. However, since we do not know exactly how drastically Cassie’s life is going to be different in season 2 compared to season 1, we will just have to wait and see whether the recurring cast members would be a part of the season or not. It will most likely introduce a new set of actors portraying fresh characters in season 2.

The Flight Attendant Season 2 Plot: What can it be About?

Season 1 ends with Cassie promising to change her life and going sober. Shane, who reveals that he has been working for the CIA, also hints that he’d be interested in Cassie being an asset for the spy agency. The ending is a happy and optimistic one, giving more than anything a feeling of “the calm before the storm.” If we know anything about Cassie, it’s that chaos follows her around.

Talking about the show’s future, Cuoco has promised fans “an exciting, and probably a little crazy” second season. She also hinted that it might be interesting for her character Cassie, given her tendency to be dishonest, to play a spy in the next season. We see this indicated at the end of season 1 as well. However, it has not been confirmed by official sources yet. In an interview with The New York Times showrunner Steve Yockey said that he envisions season 2 to be like “a new Hitchcock movie for Cassie to stumble into.”

Cassie’s promise to remain sober also raises speculation about the next season, as she will no longer be able to use alcohol to justify her bad decisions. Could this mean that we see a much more balanced and calm Cassie going forward? Yockey mentioned that just because Cassie goes sober, “It doesn’t mean that the rest of the erratic behavior calms down.” So we can rest easy in the knowledge that we still have some entertaining Cassie shenanigans to look forward to in the second season.

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