Preview: The Good Doctor S03 E20

The Good Doctor aired the first episode of its two-part finale this week and it definitely shook up things quite a bit, literally! Not only is Shaun and Lea’s relationship reaching its devastating climax, but there’s also a natural disaster to add to the chaos. Could the show have done a better job in its penultimate episode? We think not. Now, the series is all geared up to reach its final conclusion for the third season. Well, in order to know everything about ‘The Good Doctor’ season 3 episode 20, read on!

The Good Doctor Season 3 Episode 20 Release Date: When Does it Premiere?

‘The Good Doctor’ season 3 episode 20 is scheduled to premiere on March 30, 2020, at 10/9c on ABC. The episode is titled ‘I Love You’ and its official synopsis goes as follows:

“Disaster strikes as a huge earthquake rocks the city of San Jose, leaving the hospital staff on high alert and lives under threat.”

You can watch its promo below:

Where to Stream The Good Doctor Season 3 Episode 20 Online?

You can watch ‘The Good Doctor’ season 3 episode 20 by tuning in to ABC on the above-mentioned timeslot. However, with a cable provider’s login, the show can be watched on ABC’s website or app as well.

Moreover, you can also watch the ABC show live if you have a subscription for Direct TV, Hulu With Live TV or YouTube TV. Other than that, a normal Hulu subscription will allow you to watch the episode sometime after it has finished airing on television. You can also rent/buy individual episodes on Amazon Prime.

The Good Doctor Season 3 Episode 19 Recap:

The episode begins with Glassman, Melendez, and Lea arriving at a fundraiser event for cancer research. The event is being held at a brewery owned by Marta. However, when Marta’s wife Noreen is giving the trio a round of the premises, disaster strikes. A massive earthquake starts rocking the building and when one of the brewing tanks rolls toward Lea, she gets trapped under a floorboard. Glassman dislocates his shoulder and Melendez receives a massive wound in his abdomen.

After the quake ends, Lim summons Shaun, Claire and Park to help out their colleagues at the brewery. Immediately, after reaching the venue, Shaun goes beserk and starts searching for Lea — while paying no heed to protocol. On the way, he stumbles across Vera who has a steel rod embedded in her body. When Shaun gets to work to remove the steel, he contemplates:

“I always knew I could be a good doctor. But until I met Lea, I never knew I could drive a car, or enjoy music, or sing karaoke, or take tequila shots… or fall in love. I don’t want to stop being the person I am with her. Lea makes me… more. But I don’t make her more. If I did, then Lea would want to be my girlfriend.”

Meanwhile, Lea is rescued from beneath the floorboard and she happens to hear Shaun’s discussion with Vera. The episode does not reveal how she reacts to this conversation. Toward the end, an aftershock causes a pipe to rupture and Shaun and Vera are trapped — with water filling up the whole enclosed space around them. Do they survive? We need to wait for the finale to find out.

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