The Great Khali Net Worth

How much is The Great Khali worth? $6 Million

How did The Great Khali earn his money and wealth?

Dalip Singh Rana, better known as renowned wrestling star The Great Khali was born in the year 1972 at a place named Dhiraina in the state of Himachal Pradesh in India. Currently, he resides in the US with his wife Harminder Kaur to whom he got married in the year 2002. This 7 ft 1-inch professional wrestler is also an actor and promoter who is known for his time at the biggest wrestling federation named WWE. Khali is well-known for his tall height which got him the tag of the 8th tallest wrestler at the professional level in the year 2017 when looked at the history of various wrestlers that worked along with the WWE. The debut for Khali started alongside wrestler Daivari and some alliances with Jinder Mahal and Ranjin Singh. However, a major part of his career was spent as a single wrestler. In the year 2007, Khali became the World Heavyweight Champion for WWE.

Before Khali went on to become a professional wrestler for WWE, he was an officer at the Punjab State Police. He has also been a part of 4 Hollywood movies as well as 2 Bollywood films. He has also starred in many TV series. Khali was previously known as Giant Singh and became a wrestler for the professional wrestling federation known as APW (All Pro Wrestling) located in the U.S. He made his first appearance in the month of October 2000 when he teamed along with Tony Jones to fight against West Side Playaz. After Khali reached San Francisco, he signed a deal with the WCW (World Champion Wrestling) with 8 months under their tutelage before the same was brought by their rival competitor WWE, which was WWF back then.

In the year 2006, Khali was tagged as the first Indian Wrestler to work at a professional level with the WWE. Rana was assigned at WWE’s Developmental Federation at the Deep South Wrestling. Here he wrestled keeping his real name rather than a stage name. In the year 2015, Khali started his very own wrestling school in the state where he was born and brought up named Punjab. He named the school “Continental Wrestling Entertainment”. The very first event for the new school was held in the same year in the month of December.

In the year 2017, Khali got back to the Battleground by WWE in the role of a villain to help the WWE champion named Jinder Mahal in a prison-based match while preventing the wrestler Randy Orton from escaping the prison and letting Mahal keep his title.

Khali was also a contestant on the reality show named Bigg Boss Season 4 where he was the first runner-up while TV star Shwetha Tiwari went on to win the show. The show was hosted by Salman Khan.

What are the highest grossing incomes of The Great Khali?

1-WWE salary each year: $974,000

2-Bonus: $300,000

3-Brand Endorsements: $2,25,000

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