The Great North Season 2: Everything We Know

Created by Lizzie Molyneux-Logelin, Wendy Molyneux, and Minty Lewis, ‘The Great North’ is an adult animated sitcom that recounts the story of the eccentric Tobin family that lives in the fictional town of Lone Moose in Alaska. After his ex-wife abandoned him, Beef Tobin began shouldering the responsibility of his four children – Wolf, Ham, Moon, and Judy. He works as a fisherman and ensures that he is spending ample time with his kids to instill the values that truly matter.

The comical episodic tale of the Beef and his children managed to garner a significant viewership, and now it has fans all over the country. After the conclusion of season 1, fans are wondering whether ‘The Great North’ will return to their television screens with a second season. In case you find yourself contemplating the same, well, we have got you covered.

The Great North Season 2 Release Date

‘The Great North’ season 1 released on January 3, 2021, on Fox, with the season finale premiering on May 16, 2021. The first season comprises eleven episodes with a run time of about 22 minutes each.

If you are wondering about the release of season 2 of the animated sitcom, here’s everything we know so far. In June 2020, ‘The Great North’ was renewed by Fox for its second season, even before its pilot season premiered. It was expected since Michael Thorn, Fox’s President of Entertainment, confessed in an interview with Deadline in January 2020 that “Animation is a key part of our business; we are really looking to growing our slate and potentially even adding another hour of animation on our schedule in a targeted section of the year.” He further added, ”We are looking to take our legacy and build on it.”

Since the coronavirus pandemic is unlikely to have a significant effect on the production of the animated series, fans can expect the second season of the show to release soon. Considering the fact that season 1 premiered more than two years after its announcement and taking other factors into account, we can expect ‘The Great North’ season 2 to release sometime in late 2021 or early 2022.

The Great North Season 2 Cast: Who is in it?

The producer, actor, and comedian Nick Offerman lends his voice to the family patriarch Beef Tobin. You may recognize watching him on the NBC sitcom ‘Parks and Recreation.’ Will Forte, Paul Rust, and Aparna Nancherla voice the characters of Wolf, Ham, and Moon Tobin, respectively. Jenny Slate gives her voice to Judy Tobin, the artistically inclined teenage daughter of Beef Tobin.

Dulcé Sloan is the voice behind Honeybee Shaw, while the actress and comedian, Megan Mullally, lends her voice to Judy’s boss, Alyson Lefebvrere. Other noteworthy voice cast members include Robin Thede as Diondra Tundra, David Herman as Santiago Carpaccio, Julio Torres as Crispin Cienfuegos, and Ariel Tweto as Kima, among many others.

The Great North Season 2 Plot: What can it Be About?

Season 1 revolves around the adventures of the Tobin family in the fictional town of Lone Moose in Alaska. While familiarizing viewers with the peculiarities of the family in an episodic manner, the series also introduces them to the familial conflicts that emanate from the significant age gap between the members. As the season progresses, Beef and his children learn from their mistakes, and their differences eventually turn into lessons that bring them closer.

In season 2, we can expect the Tobin family to embark on more comical and bizarre experiences like the first season. Since it has always been Judy’s wish to explore the world beyond Lone Moose, she may express her desire with more authority as she becomes an adult. Moreover, Beef Tobin will probably dip his feet in the dating world as he gets over his ex-wife Kathleen. It will also be interesting to watch how the family dynamics change once he gets into a relationship. Irrespective of how exactly the show unfolds, it is certain that the upcoming season will be just as entertaining as season 1.

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