Will There be a The Half Of It Sequel?

The Half Of It’ follows the story of an introverted girl who opens up to two kinds of connections that change the way she thinks about love and herself. Ellie Chu is a Chinese-American teenager who is an outcast. She keeps to herself, but when Paul enters her life, everything changes. Their friendship progresses in a way she hadn’t imagined she could be with someone. The meaning of love also varies for Paul, who discovers that Ellie is attracted to the same girl that he likes.

The journey teaches a lot of lessons to the trio, and they are completely changed from the way they had started. The ending does not give us a typical answer to the dilemma of a love triangle. Instead, it gives us hope for the future and a sequel. Will we get a follow-up on Ellie, Paul, and Aster? Let’s find out.

The Half Of It 2 Release Date

‘The Half Of It’ released on Netflix on May 1, 2020. The film opened to rave reviews, focused especially on the way the film turns around the idea of love triangles. (You can read our review of the film here.) With the success of the teen genre on Netflix, ‘The Half Of It’ is sure to receive the same love from the audience.

The streaming service waits a while after the release of a title to see what kind of response it gets. Though there is a good chance for the film to receive a sequel, no official announcement has been made by Netflix on the matter yet. Even if they do greenlight it, we will have to wait for a while before it arrives on our screens. Alice Wu took 15 years to make her second film, but hopefully, the time difference will be a lot lesser for her third project. Considering all these factors, we expect ‘The Half Of It 2’ to release sometime in 2022 or later.

The Half Of It 2: Plot and Cast

‘The Half Of It’ doesn’t wrap up anything for Ellie, Paul, and Aster. If anything, it opens their lives to new possibilities. At the beginning of the film, the three of them had been on different paths with respect to each other. In the course of the film, they collide and change each other in several ways. In the end, all of them know what they want, or least, they know where to go from here.

Ellie sets out for college, Aster is ready to pursue art, and Paul is set to launch the sausage taco into the world. Several questions bubble in our minds about them. Will their paths cross again? And when that happens, what will they be like? What does it mean for their friendships? In the sequel, Wu could pick up at a different point in their lives. She had initially conceived the story to be about young people in their 20s. Perhaps, she could go back to that thread.  The return of the film would also mean Leah Lewis, Daniel Diemer, and Alexxis Lemire reprising their roles, with Alice Wu at the helm.

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