The Head Season 2: Everything We Know

If you think you had it bad during the pandemic lockdown, you simply need to watch the HBO thriller series ‘The Head.’ The show will ease out your intrinsic feelings of isolation because the show’s protagonists have it way worse. It fundamentally revolves around ten people who assemble at a research station located in the South Pole. They’re dedicated to saving the world from an inevitable danger related to climate change.

To set their plan in motion, they have to stay six months in the winter darkness of this secluded corner of the world. As eerie as it sounds, the situation dangerously provokes a secret murderer in the group who attacks the rest of the members. The survivors are the ones who narrate the entire story in flashbacks. The first season of ‘The Head’ unnerved its audiences in a way that coaxed them to wonder what’s next, and hence, we’ve come here with an update regarding ‘The Head’ season 2.

The Head Season 2 Release Date

‘The Head’ Season 1 released on February 4, 2021, on HBO Max. It consists of six episodes with a run time of more than 50 minutes each. Before it dropped on HBO Max, the series originally premiered on June 12, 2020, on HBO and HBO Go in Spain, along with a few other countries. The first season replicates the internal state of people caused by the lockdown, which the audiences felt weirdly soothing.

If we consider the prospect of its renewal for another season, here’s what we know. In terms of the plot, the undisclosed story of a murderer who ravages a South Pole research mission is what carries the show forward. By the end of six episodes, the show wraps up, providing full disclosure about the events that had taken place during the disconcerting darkness of those six months. This, in a way, implies that there is no scope for its continuation. Considering this, it is unlikely that ‘The Head’ season 2 will ever get made.

The Head Cast: Who is in it?

The cast of ‘The Head’ includes international stars like Danish actor Alexandre Willaume as Johan Berg, the head of the Research Station; Laura Bach as Johan’s wife Annika, who stays back for the winter stretch. John Lynch, known for his role in ‘The Fall,’ stars as Arthur Wilde. ‘Money Heist‘ star Álvaro Morte essays the role of the cook, Ramón.

Japanese actor Tomohisa Yamashita, plays the character of Aki Kobayashi. Katharine O’Donnelly portrays an essential role as the doctor, Maggie Mitchell, one of the Winter survivors. Known for her role in ‘The Rain.‘ Danish-American actor Amelia Hoy (or Høy) plays Heather. Other cast members include Richard Sammel, Sandra Andreis, and Hannes Fohlin, among others.

The Head Plot: What is it About?

‘The Head’ is a survival thriller set in the dark isolation of Antarctica during winter. The sun is soon to set for six months, which is also the time limit for a team called the Winterers to complete their climate change based research. The group stays behind at the Polaris VI Antarctic Research Station, under renowned biologist Arthur Wilde.

But at the advent of spring, seasonal commander Johan Berg visits the station and horrifyingly discovers that the team has split up with half the members either dead or missing. As evident from the accounts, there is a killer behind this mess, and Johan’s wife Annika is nowhere to be found. He then has to seek answers from Maggie, the sole survivor of the group

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