The Hills: New Beginnings Season 2 Episode 9: What to Expect?

In episode 8 of ‘The Hills: New Beginnings’ season 2, the drama continued at Tahoe, where Heidi and Spencer decided to shut themselves away. A day before this unsettling predicament, Jason had confronted Spencer about the rumors he has been spreading. But Spencer denied all allegations choosing to leave without any explanation. To know more about the latest episode, you can check out the recap section. As we proceed, here’s everything episode 9 might have in store!

The Hills: New Beginnings Season 2 Episode 9 Release Date

‘The Hills: New Beginnings’ season 2 episode 9 is going to release on July 14, 2021, at 9 pm ET on MTV. The show drops new episodes every Wednesday, with each one having a runtime of 44-46 minutes.

Where to Watch The Hills: New Beginnings Season 2 Episode 9 Online?

You can watch ‘The Hills: New Beginnings’ season 2 episode 9 on MTV by tuning in to the network at the timeslot mentioned above. You can also watch it later on MTV’s official website, where new episodes drop after they finish airing on television. If you’re subscribed to Paramount+, you can access the show on the streamer. Fans can opt for live-streaming options available on  DirecTVFuboTVSling TV, and Philo TV. In addition, you can buy/rent the episodes on VOD services like Apple TV and iTunes. Lastly, Amazon Prime Video users can include Paramount+ in their subscription to watch the latest episodes.

The Hills: New Beginnings Season 2 Episode 9 Spoilers

In the next episode of ‘The Hills: New Beginnings’ season 2, titled ‘Time Heals Not Some Things,’ Justin will express his desire to have kids someday. This will come as a shock because he has always been deeply attached to his freedom. But the next episode will portray him differently as he reveals that he is ready to settle down. Dani and Brandon will have an explosive argument prompting Brandon to knock down the camera.

The Hills: New Beginnings Season 2 Episode 8 Recap

The 8th episode of ‘The Hills: New Beginnings’ season 2, titled ‘Get Dessert and Bail,’ started with Dani joining Brandon at Tahoe. He was thrilled to have her on board, and his reaction gave away the fact that he is terribly into her. He admitted that he believes in fighting for a relationship if the love is real. Kaitlynn clarified that it is her right to know if anything ever escalates between her ex-husband Brody and Audrina, who then apologized for being insensitive at their previous dinner gathering.

At the following costume party, Ashley and Heidi stayed miles apart from each other, but Jason approached Spencer, calling him out for the lies he has been feeding the group. Quite expectedly, Spencer refused to be held accountable for any of his claims and stormed off without any explanation for his behavior.

The next day, the gang hosted another party where Brandon opened up about his feelings for Dani. He was happy with the way things have progressed between the pair, so he didn’t think twice before asking her to move in with him. Dani declined the offer stating she isn’t ready. Brody and Audrina seemed to be having a grand time together, bonding beside the fire. Although we know Kaitlynn is not happy about it, Justin shared that he has moved on from Audrina, so watching them hang out together doesn’t bother him at all.

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