The Hustler Season 1: Everything We Know

Created by Richard Bacon, ‘The Hustler’ is a television game show where five contestants team up to answer a row of trivia questions. Two of them are removed by one of the contestants (the hustler), who is secretly equipped with all the answers. The remaining three survive in the end, including the hustler, who then has to be identified by the team. Craig Ferguson is the host, and the prize money can potentially cross a whopping $100,000.

Ferguson showed enthusiasm in returning to broadcast television after a long stretch of time as a hysterically entertaining host. The show has a distinctive touch of exploring the personal lives of the contestants, making it highly intriguing to the audience. With season 1 hitting the screen, we decided to dig out more details. Here’s what we know.

The Hustler Season 1 Release Date

‘The Hustler’ season 1 releases on January 4, 2021, on ABC at 10/9c. The episodes will also be available to watch, a day later, on-demand and on Hulu. Each episode has a running time of 60 minutes.

The Hustler Season 1: Host and Contestants

‘The Hustler’ season 1 is hosted by Craig Ferguson, as the show marks his return on Network TV. The Emmy Award-winning host is best known for hosting CBS’ late-night talk show ‘The Late Late Show’. The show is planted in a vintage scholarly setting as the host is fancily decked up with a team of five contestants. The casting of ‘The Hustler’ requires a contestant to be an American citizen above 18. The contestants can apply through a reality TV show casting domain called ‘Game Show Casting’ before every season’s production.

What is The Hustler About?

The game starts with five people seated around the host, who reveals a trivial piece of information about the hustler. He asks a question based on the admitted fact. There are ten questions thrown at the team. On answering correctly, they acquire $10,000, which means the maximum limit is $100,000. There is an elimination round where the hustler can secretly vote a person out of the game, although the entire team is allowed to vote. The game continues until three people are remaining.

In the final round, the team tries to catch the hustler who might take the money home if not busted. Based on the facts relayed about the hustler and mutual interactions in the group, the remaining players try to figure out the identity of the hustler. The other two players then write the name of the potential hustler on a card. The ending precedes a two-minute discussion wherein the players are allowed to discuss and reach a common ground.

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