Will There be a ‘The Knight Before Christmas’ Sequel?

Netflix has set the holiday mood already with ‘The Knight Before Christmas’. True to the season’s spirit, the movie tells a tale of hope, love, and the sweetest emotion shown, when the boy comes back to stay with the girl, instead of making the girl go with him to his world.

As the title suggests, a knight is involved in the story. He gets transported from the past to the present day, where he meets a cynical woman. Brooke, who hits the knight accidentally with her car, believes that he might be suffering from amnesia. Naturally, she takes him in. As is the nature of such movies, the two gradually grow closer to each other and begin to fall in love. For Brooke, the woman who had stopped believing in love, the medieval knight becomes the happily ever after she had always wanted.

The streaming platform is in the habit of giving viewers what they want, and it is likely that viewers will want more of ‘The Knight Before Christmas’, just as they wanted more of ‘A Christmas Prince’, and ‘The Princess Switch‘. Notably, both these movies are getting new installments, which gives us hope that ‘The Knight Before Christmas’ might be getting the same treatment. Here is everything we know about ‘The Knight Before Christmas 2’.

The Knight Before Christmas 2 Plot: What Can It Be About?

The story of ‘The Knight Before Christmas’ ends on a fascinating note that sets it up perfectly for a sequel. In case you’re reading on, we assume you have already seen the first movie, and there will be some spoilers about the same, below.

At the end of ‘The Knight Before Christmas’, the same woman who sends back the knight approaches his brother, who has also been knighted. She has a glowing medallion, similar to the one which she was wearing earlier. However, it seems to emanate a different color. Thus, it begs the question of whether the knight’s brother is now going on a quest of his own. He might be sent further into the future or might be sent to the timeline where Sir Cole, the knight from the first movie, is with his lady love.

Alternately, the plot could revolve around Sir Cole traveling back in the past with Brooke, to look for his brother. Notably, the actor playing Cole has stated that his brother, who is somewhat of a writer, has been fiddling with the plot of the two lovers going back to the past. With all the time travel being hinted at, the potential sequel could very well be a time-traveling adventure.

There is also the chance that we will get to see Cole living in the present with Brooke, and the cast members involved with the initial movie have suggested Cole has the option of becoming a baker or a policeman in the present time. The former makes sense since we saw Cole’s baking skills already. The latter option would be a good fit too, considering the values of knighthood he could bring to the role. Apart from the possible directions, the film could head in, Netflix has wonderfully introduced some easter eggs, tying in ‘The Knight Before Christmas’ to its holiday movie universe.

While Sir Cole is seen watching ‘Holiday in the Wild‘, Netflix’s 2019 release, Brooke’s parents bought a Christmas memorabilia from Aldovia, the fictional place where ‘A Christmas Prince’ is set, when Brooke was a child. With these inklings, it remains to be seen if the sequel ties in with the universe as well, and whether there are crossovers, which would definitely make the entire thing all the more interesting and unanticipated.

The Knight Before Christmas 2 Cast: Who Can Be In It?

In the event that ‘The Knight Before Christmas 2’ is made, we will surely get to see Vanessa Hudgens and Josh Whitehouse back as Brooke and Sir Cole respectively. The two shared great on-screen chemistry that was equal parts delightful and adorable. They will be looking to recapture the magic if they are in the sequel.

Harry Jarvis might be returning as Sir Geoffrey since the end of the first movie nicely sets up the second film to possibly tell his story. If there are so many knights, the Old Crone is definitely going to make a comeback as well, with all her magical powers. Thus, we are likely to see Ella Kenion back in the role.

Apart from that, new cast members could be added depending on the direction that the sequel takes.

The Knight Before Christmas 2 Crew: Who Can Be Behind It?

In the event that ‘The Knight Before Christmas 2’ is made, we will most likely see Monika Mitchell back in the director’s chair. She has delivered a wonderful film sure to please fans, and they will be looking at her to recreate the same in the sequence. The writers could be different if the sequel’s plot changes directions, but one thing is for certain. If ‘The Knight Before Christmas 2’ is made, Netflix will be involved in the project, looking to capitalize on their investment.

The Knight Before Christmas 2 Release Date: When Can It Premiere?

‘The Knight Before Christmas’ filmed sometime between May and October 2019, releasing in November 2019. Considering the short time it took, we might get to see ‘The Knight Before Christmas 2 sometime in November 2021, if it is greenlit almost immediately. However, if Netflix decides to add other movies to its holiday schedule for the upcoming year, then it might be 2022 till the sequel to ‘The Knight Before Christmas’ arrives.

The Knight Before Christmas 2 Trailer:

‘The Knight Before Christmas 2’ does not have an official trailer yet, but you can catch the trailer for ‘The Knight Before Christmas’ below.

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