The Last Kingdom Season 5: Everything We Know

Based on Bernard Cornwell’s ‘The Saxon Stories,’ ‘The Last Kingdom’ is a British television series showcasing the valiant journey of Uhtred of Bebbanburg amidst the geo-political landscape of medieval England. Saxon by birth, Uhtred is raised by the Danes – only to witness his loyalties put to the test while claiming his birthright and vision of a unified England.

Created by Stephen Butchard and Nigel Marchant, the first season premiered on October 10, 2015, with eight episodes, on BBC America, and on October 22, 2015, on BBC Two in the UK. After an enthusiastic response from viewers and critics alike, Netflix came on board and renewed it for further seasons. Here’s what we found about the upcoming season of ‘The Last Kingdom!’

The Last Kingdom Season 5 Release Date

‘The Last Kingdom’ season 4 premiered on Netflix on April 26, 2020. It comprises ten episodes with an average run time of about 55 minutes. The fourth season was greeted with positive reviews, and viewers were hooked to the journey of Uhtred and the narrative world of the series.

Fans will be delighted to know that season 5 has been renewed by Netflix with an official announcement on July 7, 2020. It will consist of 10 episodes. Considering the fact that the third and fourth season released within a gap of about two years, we can expect ‘The Last Kingdom’ season 5 to release sometime in late 2021.

An Instagram post by the Director of Photography, Tim Palmer, points out the fact that the pre-production of season 5 has already started.

The Last Kingdom Season 5 Cast: Who is in it?

Alexander Dreymon will most likely reprise the lead role of Uhtred. We shall probably see Brida (Emily Cox), Stiorra (Ruby Hartley) Aethelflaed (Millie Brady), King Edward (Timothy Innes) return in their respective roles. We can also expect Uhtred’s allies Silhtric (Arnas Fedaravicius), Osferth (Ewan Mitchell), and Finan (Mark Rowley) to be a part of the upcoming season.

It remains to be seen that Eliza Butterworth, whose character of Aelswith is poisoned in the previous season, will come back to reprise her role or not. Eysteinn Sigurdarson (Sigtryggr) and Adrian Schiller (Aethelhelm) might also reappear in the fifth season. In new additions, Harry Gilby might be a part of the cast as the teenage Aethelstan.

The Last Kingdom Season 5 Plot: What can it be About?

For the fifth season, the writers will adapt Warriors of the storm (Book nine) and The Flame Bearer (Book ten) of Cornwell’s ‘The Saxon Stories’. At the end of season 4, we see Aethelstan under the tutelage of Uhtred, so we can expect the story to move forward in this direction. The fragile alliance between the Danes and the Saxons seems to be delicately balanced. It remains to be seen whether Uhtred moves forward with this alliance or dallies with the Scots to assuage their threat on Bebbanburg. Aethelhelm, as noted by Adrian Schiller himself, might be written off as this seems to be the perfect time plot-wise to show his death.

On the personal front, Uhtred has the potential to become the Lord of Bebbanburg and perhaps move towards absorbing Northumbria in the kingdom. Wrapping the predictions, the official Netflix statement of season 5 states, “The fifth installment will see Uhtred realize his destiny is more than Bebbanburg: it is tied to the future of England itself. Charged with training King Edward’s firstborn son Aethelstan as a warrior, Uhtred’s ambition will have an even higher purpose. But to achieve this destiny, Uhtred will have to face down his greatest enemy and suffer his greatest loss.”

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