The Last Thing He Told Me Season 2: Possibilities Explored

Based on the eponymous novel by Laura Dave, Apple TV+’s thriller series ‘The Last Thing He Told Me’ revolves around the disappearance of Owen Michaels. Owen’s wife Hannah Hall and daughter Bailey set out to find their loved one by diving into his past. Soon, they realize that Owen had been lying about his identity and past to protect his family from a severe threat. The drama series progresses through the aftermath of Hannah and Bailey’s realization that Owen is not who he claimed to be.

Although the show had to settle with mixed reviews from critics, it garnered positive reception from the audience, who commended Jennifer Garner’s nuanced performance as Hannah, a stepmother who goes to any lengths to protect her stepdaughter. Developed by Laura Dave and Josh Singer, the series premiered in April 2023. Since the first season of the show ends with several questions unanswered, the viewers must be eager to know about the prospects of the sophomore round. Well, here’s what we can share about the same!

Will The Last Thing He Told Me Season 2 Happen?

‘The Last Thing He Told Me’ season 1 premiered on April 14, 2023, on Apple TV+, concluding its run on May 19, 2023. The first season of the series comprises seven episodes with a runtime of 36–45 minutes each.

As far as the sophomore round is concerned, here’s what we can share. Apple TV+ billed ‘The Last Thing He Told Me’ as a miniseries, which makes it clear that the second season was not a part of the original plans concerning the development of the thriller show. However, co-developer and author Laura Dave recently announced that she had started writing the sequel of the source novel of the series. If the sequel to the novel gets published, the chances of Dave co-developing the second season based on the same with her husband Josh Singer are indeed high.

“[…] I realized Hannah’s story, in the most primal sense, was the story of becoming a mother. For me, the book is the call to that—and the ending is the answer. Once I found it, I never wavered in believing that was where this novel needed to end. I’ve started imagining the sequel to this book. So, it is possible this ending will turn out to be more of an intermission… and this family will have a new act, after all,” Dave told Serpent’s Tail concerning the impending sequel. In addition to writing the sequel to her original novel, Dave is imagining her character Hannah as the show’s lead performer Jennifer Garner.

“I’m writing the sequel to The Last Thing He Told Me, and whereas I never imagined, but my characters have always been amorphous – Jennifer Garner is now Hannah Hall for me forever. And so, when I’m looking when I’m writing, I see Jen’s face,” Dave told Script. If the novelist completes writing the sequel, we can expect her to move forward with the television adaptation of the same as the second season of the thriller series. If the viewership of the first season, along with several other factors, satisfies Apple TV+, the streaming platform may join hands with the co-developer for another round of the show. If renewed soon, we can expect ‘The Last Thing He Told Me’ season 2 to release sometime in Q2 2025.

Narrative-wise, the potential second season may follow the aftermath of Owen’s meeting with Hannah during the exhibition of the latter’s works. The meeting may motivate her to find her husband without the Campanos knowing about the same. Owen may remain conflicted about hiding from his family for good and meeting them once in a while in disguise. If the Campanos come to know about Owen/Ethan’s existence, they may threaten Hannah’s life to find him.

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