The Lost Pirate Kingdom Season 2: Everything We Know

Netflix’s ‘The Lost Pirate Kingdom’ is a docuseries that tells the story of the real-life Caribbean pirates who form a democratic republic in the Bahamas by robbing the Spaniards. The British privateers who find themselves out of work after a war with Spain not only make history but also challenge the existing political structures by creating an egalitarian society. The series has managed to impress the viewers and receive a lot of praise for its engrossing portrayal of the golden era of piracy.

However, the show does struggle a bit to maintain its entertainment value to the very end because of repetitive patterns of music and narration. Despite the criticism, ‘The Lost Pirate Kingdom’ has garnered a decent fanbase who must be wondering when it will return with next season. If you are also curious about the same, then you have come to the right place.

The Lost Pirate Kingdom Season 2 Release Date

‘The Lost Pirate Kingdom’ season released in its entirety on Netflix on March 15, 2021. It consists of six episodes with a runtime of 42-44 minutes each.

As far as season 2 of the show is concerned, unfortunately, there has been no official renewal as of now. Season 1 concludes with the end of the egalitarian pirate kingdom after Rogers takes it under his control. With the stories of real-life pirates in the Age of Piracy almost complete, the creators may look elsewhere for inspiration. It is also possible that they explore Nassau under Roger’s control. But there is a lot of uncertainty; therefore, it would be unwise to expect the series to return anytime soon.

However, the show hasn’t been billed as a limited series, which can also mean that the creators may be interested in exploring the world of the pirates for yet another season—perhaps, centering upon a different group of pirates from the pages of history. Moreover, Netflix usually takes a few months to renew a series, so the fans should not feel disheartened. If renewed, we can expect ‘The Lost Pirate Kingdom’ season 2 to premiere sometime in 2022 or later.

The Lost Pirate Kingdom Season 2 Cast: Who can be in it?

The English actor Sam Callis appears as Benjamin Hornigold, the man who declares Nassau as the pirate republic and unknowingly creates the situation for future conflicts. The British producer and screenwriter Mark Gillis essays the role of Benjamin’s rival Henry Jennings. Moneer Elmasseek portrays Thomas Barrow while Kevin Howarth appears as Woodes Rogers.

Other noteworthy cast members include Sinead MacInnes as Mary Hallet, Evan Milton as Samuel Bellamy, Tom Padley as Charles Vane, and Mia Tomlinson as Anne Bonny. If renewed and the creators opt for a fresh storyline, season 2 can feature either a brand new cast or see the return of some of the cast members from the first season, albeit in different roles.

What can The Lost Pirate Kingdom Season 2 be About?

After British authorities ask Woodes Rogers for help, he successfully begins the journey of taking down the pirate kingdom by offering pardon to Jennings and Hornigold. Although they accept his offer, some Nassau pirates aren’t happy. In the season finale, Rogers finally takes the Nassau under his control which marks the end of the golden era of piracy.

If ‘The Lost Pirate Kingdom’ gets recommissioned for another season, it may explore the aftermath of Rogers taking Nassau under his control. There is a possibility that some pirates may retaliate to take back their power. Will it be possible to take back Nassau’s authority from the clutches of the British? We will have to wait and see what happens.

However, there is another possibility that the show may explore stories of other real-life pirates who are famous for changing the course of history, but it is pretty unlikely. Irrespective of the choice that creators make, the potential second season is probably going to be just as captivating as the first one.

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