Will There be a The Lovebirds Sequel?

Netflix’s ‘The Lovebirds’ follows the story of Leilani and Jibran. After four years of relationship, they find themselves in a rut and decide to break-up. As soon as that happens, a man kills a biker with their car. He runs away, leaving them as the only suspects for the crime. The couple knows that until they prove their innocence, the cops will never believe their story. This leads them to some shady things, and they uncover a lot of secrets. In the end, we find them happy and content in their relationship, but is that really the end of their story? Will there be a sequel to the film?

The Lovebirds 2 Release Date: Will There be a The Lovebirds Sequel?

‘The Lovebirds’ released on Netflix on May 22, 2020. The film opened to generally favorable reviews from critics. As for the response from the audience, the streaming service takes some time to gauge the reaction. If the viewers love it, there is a strong possibility for Leilani and Jibran to return to our screens.

As of now, no official announcement has been made about it. Even if that happens, we will have to wait a while before the sequel is released. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, all movie productions have been brought to a halt. Considering everything, we expect ‘The Lovebirds 2’ to release sometime in 2022 or after.

The Lovebirds 2 Cast: Who’s in it?

‘The Lovebirds’ stars Issa Rae and Kumail Nanjiani in the roles of Leilani and Jibran. Paul Sparks plays the role of Moustache, the crooked cop. Anna Camp appears as the wife of Senator Burrows.

For the sequel, we expect Rae and Nanjiani to reprise their roles. Apart from its plot, the film depends a lot on their chemistry to keep things interesting. Without them, ‘The Lovebirds 2’ wouldn’t make sense. The possibility of Sparks’s return is highly improbable. By the end of the film, he had been arrested for his crimes and did not look in good shape either. However, he could return for a cameo, if the plot requires so.

Camp might also come back as Mrs. Burrows. We never find out what happens to her and other members of Sacrarium. If the plot delves into the mystery of the cult, we could meet Edie again. We also expect new faces to join the cast.

The Lovebirds 2 Plot: What can it be about?

While ‘The Lovebirds’ solves the mystery of Moustache’s connection to Sacrarium, it leaves out many things about the cult itself. For the sequel, this is a very promising prospect. Jibran and Leilani not only infiltrated the cult but also led the cops to their doors. They also cost them their informer who would readily trade their secrets to save himself. This would make Sacrarium very angry with the couple. What if they want payback?

Leilani and Jibran have proven to be competent, though messy, adversaries. They broke into what was supposed to be a secret society. While trying to clear their name, they also get better at communicating with each other and prove to be a formidable team. Watching them go against Sacrarium would offer a lot of entertainment.

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