The Mandalorian Season 1 Episode 2: What to Expect?

By now if you have finished watching the pilot episode of Disney+‘s ‘The Mandalorian’, you must be wondering why we cannot binge-watch this show like on other streaming platforms. The pilot ends at a wonderful moment with a surprising twist that is sure to have far-reaching consequences in the world the series portrays. Read the review here.

If you are reading this, we assume you have watched the first episode, and shall not hold back on any spoilers for the same. That being said, if you cannot wait for Episode 2 here are the details you would find useful. The second episode releases on Friday, on November 15, 2019, at 6 am ET and 3 am PT on Disney+

‘The Mandalorian’ can also be watched on Hulu, but since it is a Disney offering, subscribers have the option to buy a bundle that will allow them to stream the show. Costing $12.99 a month, you can purchase a Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN+ bundle. If you are an Amazon customer, you can get Alexa to play Disney+ content, including ‘The Mandalorian’ on your Amazon Fire Television sets or Amazon Fire tablets,

Read on to get a taste of what you to expect from the upcoming episode.

The Mandalorian has finally secured his target after a violent gunfight with guards. The bounty hunter droid who helped him, and might have made for a good partner, is killed by the Mandalorian himself when the droid wants to terminate the target. The target is a baby Yoda, or at least belongs to the same species as Yoda. How is a baby 50 years old, you might wonder. Well, that is because different species age differently, as the droid explained. Notably, very little is known about Yoda’s race in the ‘Star Wars‘ movies itself, giving the Jedi master a mythical status. It will be interesting to see if we know more about this in the upcoming episode or episodes to come.

While the Mandalorian might be out of danger in the immediate present, the journey back to The Client, with the baby target, shall prove to be a very different ball game. True to its reputation of being a lawless land, the bounty hunter will now have to deal with scavengers. The official synopsis of Episode 2 hints at this, leading us to believe that we will see Pedro Pascal with his cool laser blaster, and an assortment of weapons once again.

There have been several films and narratives that have followed the formula of a bounty hunter or assassin beginning to form a relationship with an innocent child, often putting their own lives on the line for their sake. ‘Leon: The Professional‘ immediately springs to mind. We will definitely see the start of such a relationship, as suggested by the innocent finger touching at the end of Episode 1. The second episode could very well see the more human side of the Mandalorian.

Having already revealed that he is a Foundling (the equivalent of an orphan), he might take pity on a fellow baby without parents. Episode 2 will definitely see the Mandalorian in a more protective role, though it remains to be seen whether he is genuinely protecting the baby, or protecting his bounty so that he might reach The Client, and collect the payment. One thing is for certain, we are in for a lot more action and space battles as the Mandalorian asserts himself in the chaotic fringes of the galaxy.

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