The Masked Dancer Episode 2: Release Date And Streaming Details

‘The Masked Dancer’, created as a spin-off to ‘The Masked Singer’, is a reality competition series, hosted by comic Craig Robinson, and by panelists Ken Jeong, Paula Abdul, Brian Austin Green, and Ashley Tisdale. The format of this series is almost similar to that of its predecessor. The only difference? Music is replaced by moves! Well, the show introduces us to a bunch of unidentified celebrity dancers, covered in costumes from the top to the bottom. The panelists and the audience need to guess their exact names. The celebs are paired up with masked partners and back-up dancers — and they sway to a number of dances together, such as hip-hop, salsa, jazz, tap dancing, and more.

‘The Masked Dancer’ dropped on December 27, 2020, and we met five of the celebs, who make up Group A. First up is Hammerhead, with his super-muscular arms and legs. His performance reveals that he is not a pro dancer at all although he pulls a couple of impressive moves. We then have Tulip who seems to be the perfect TikTok Package. Again, Cricket is tall and appears like an athletic basketball player. Disco Ball has a commanding presence and one of his clues is — “I am not expendable”. Finally, Exotic Bird, who performs a Latin-inspired routine, delivers the best moves for the night. At the end of the premiere, Disco Ball is evicted first. Shockingly, he is revealed to be Ice-T. Well, after a grand premiere, ‘The Masked Dancer’ is all geared up to release its next episode, and here is everything we know about it.

The Masked Dancer Episode 2 Release Date And Time

‘The Masked Dancer’ episode 2 is slated to premiere on January 6, 2021, on Fox, at 8 pm ET and 7 pm CT.

The Masked Dancer Episode 2 Spoilers

Titled ‘Group B Premiere – New Year, New Mask! (Who Dis?)’, the second episode marks the second part of the grand premiere. It introduces the second and final group of five characters, called ‘Ice’. We do know that season one consists of 10 contestants and episode 2 brings in the rest of the five celebs — disguised as Cotton Candy, Ice Cube, Moth, Sloth, and Zebra.

Where to Stream The Masked Dancer Episode 2 Online?

If you have a valid cable subscription, you can watch ‘The Masked Dancer’ on Fox by simply tuning into your TV at the aforementioned time slot. You may also want to watch it online on Fox TV’s official website and their mobile application. Another way is to stream complete episodes of the show, live or on-demand, on Fox Now, but you need to have an existing cable subscription in order to log in.

There are other ways to stream the latest episodes of ‘The Masked Dancer’ on various platforms and websites. All of its aired episodes are available to stream on Hulu. For people who don’t prefer watching on TV or have ditched the cable, live-streaming platforms include DirecTV and FuboTV.

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