‘The Masked Singer’: Contestants and Costumes

The Masked Singer‘ is one of the most entertaining shows on Fox. This is primarily because it effortlessly merges the excitement of a reality singing competition, with the additional thrill of attempting to guess the identity of the masked celebrity participant.

The show has already garnered immense success over two seasons, which logically leads one to believe that it has the power to attract higher-profile celebrities, now. That being said, in the past, we have already seen some big names perform including T-Pain, Gladys Knight, Seal, and Chris Daughtry.

It remains to be seen who the contestants behind the mask are, in the new season. However, we already know the costumes that have been picked out. Before giving you a rundown of the costumes, along with the clues we have gathered, let us tell you about the official clue that Fox has dropped about Season 3’s contestants.

According to what Fox announced, “The Season Three contestants have amassed a combined 69 Grammy Award nominations, 88 Gold records, 11 Super Bowl appearances, three stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, more than 160 tattoos and one title in the Guinness Book of World Records”.

The Masked Singer Season 3: Costumes and Clues

‘The Masked Singer’ has 18 participants in the new season, but as of now, 17 costumes have been revealed. Among them are, Llama, Banana, Miss Monster, Frog, Mouse, Robot, Kangaroo, White Tiger, Turtle, Astronaut, Swan, Kitty, Rhino, Bear, Elephant, Night Angel and, Taco.

You can check out how the costumes look, along with the clues we know about each costume.

With the Night Angel mask, it appears as though the performer is going for a terrifying appearance, and it remains to be seen how it pans out on stage.

Fan theories point to Carson Daly, of MTV, being the person behind the Astronaut mask. This is primarily because Daly has worked for MTV for a long time and MTV’s VMA (Video Music Awards) gives out a prize that resembles the costume, which fans have dubbed as ‘Moonman’.

Another theory is that NSync member Lance Bass is the Astronaut. He has a connection to space and wants to embark on space travel. By his own admission, Bass remains connected to NASA and the space community.

The Taco mask is one of the most recent additions in the lineup and is bound to spice things up.

The Rhino definitely looks like a cool addition, to the impressive list for the new season.

The bear costume has been introduced with a smart pun, and from the looks of it, we can deduce that the participant is a woman, unless of course, this is a misdirection.

The Robot has been one of the earlier costumes to be introduced, and from what we gather from the promo video, a masked cowboy has received the costume.

The Banana costume, too, has been introduced some time back, and the promo shows it going to a star backstage, which could either mean that the contestant is a singer or a theater performer.

Seeing the songbird in all her royal glory, we deduce this might be a female performer. However, with ‘The Masked Singer’, one can never be too sure.

Kitty remains one of the costumes which does not give much away. However, the different colored eyes might hold a clue.

While the llama mask might seem like a more generic costume in the lineup, the camera hanging around the neck might indicate a renowned photographer.

Clues about the frog costume do not give much away, but the suit is rather memorable, perhaps pointing towards an unforgettable performer.

From the promo, we know that the Miss Monster costume has been delivered to a woman in a hat, lounging by the ocean.

The Kangaroo outfit has people guessing that this performer might be Australian, but only time will tell.

With leather clothes, and a rock and roll aesthetic, the Turtle outfit just might have Jack Black behind the mask.

The latest costume to be revealed has been the Elephant. It remains to be seen who’s behind the mask.

With a warrior-like ferociousness, the White Tiger costume aims to impress. Marina Toybina, the Emmy award-winning costume designer, who came up with this outfit, dropped some hints, saying “He’s just fun, outgoing, incredible, and loves his costume. It is somebody that enjoys his performance and is definitely larger than life on stage.”

Lastly, we have the Mouse. From the promo, we have already seen that the outfit gets delivered to a Beverly Hills mansion. A woman with a chihuahua gets it. All fingers seem to point at Paris Hilton being behind the costume.

We still have one more costume to be revealed, but from where we stand, ‘The Masked Singer’ has an exciting lineup, and it remains to be seen how the performers do on stage.