Masked Singer Season 3 Episode 15: When and Where to Watch?

The Masked Singer‘ Season 3 has some stellar performers. As we head towards the end of the competition, there are some tough eliminations. Quite a few of them are bound to catch you by surprise, like the most recent performer who’s been sent home. The Battle of the Sixes packs a twist, and the competition has gotten much more enjoyable. Curious to find out what might happen in the next episode, which is the quarter-finals? We have got you covered with spoilers and information on when and where to watch it.

The Masked Singer Season 3 Episode 15 Release Date

‘The Masked Singer’ Season 3 Episode 15 is slated to release on May 6, 2020, at 8 PM ET. The upcoming episode is titled “A Quarter Mask Crisis: The Quarter Finals.”

Where to Watch The Masked Singer Season 3 Episode 15 Online?

‘The Masked Singer’ is on Fox. Therefore the most straightforward way would be to watch it with a cable subscription. However, you might not have a cable connection. In that case, you can head to the Fox site and stream the episodes of the show. Cord cutters are on the rise, and accordingly, provisions are made for them to enjoy ‘The Masked Singer.’ Head over to Fubo TvDirecTV, or YouTube Tv to watch the new episodes. Some of the platforms also offer free trial periods, which you can use before they start charging you for your services.

If you are a Hulu subscriber, there is a chance that ‘The Masked Singer’ will eventually make its way to the platform. Hulu already has two seasons of the show, which leads us to believe that Season 3 will head there as well. However, you might not be able to stream the new episodes immediately.

The Masked Singer Season 3 Spoilers:

The Battle of the Sixes sees a surprising elimination as Astronaut is knocked out of the competition. Although we’d been pretty sure that either Frog or Rhino would be eliminated, both the performers get to move on to the next round. Perhaps it was Frog’s willingness to move out of purely rap songs, and try his hand at Imagine Dragons’ “Whatever It Takes,” that has kept him in the competition. Meanwhile, Rhino has delivered his most exceptional performance to date, saving himself. Astronaut is revealed to be Hunter Hayes, as we’ve predicted for quite some time.

Only five singers remain, that is, Night Angel, Kitty, Rhino, Turtle and Frog. Since Night Angel’s most recent performance has been lauded as possibly the best performance on the history of the show, she’s not going home anytime soon. Similarly, Turtle and Kitty have both shown their vocal chops and remain strong frontrunners.

Once again, the toss-up is between Rhino and Frog, as only four masked singers will make it to the quarter-finals. If Rhino can come through with another strong performance in the next episode, Frog might be eliminated. However, Frog has been a vigorous entertainer throughout and is likely to edge past Rhino, to the next round. Ultimately, Astronaut’s elimination has been a curveball in the later stages of the competition, and we cannot wait to see which celebrity is unmasked next.

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