El Ministerio del Tiempo Season 4: Premiere Date, Cast, Recap, Update

‘The Ministry of Time’, or ‘El Ministerio del Tempo’, is a Spanish sci-fi television series that airs on Netflix. The creative heads behind this show are Pablo and Javier Olivares. It is produced by Onza Partners and Cliffhanger for Spanish television. On February 24, 2015, it premiered on La 1. In 2016, RTVE announced that they would be selling their rights to Netflix to broadcast it internationally.

In addition to the sci-fi, the series is also filled with lots of action and adventure. The main focus of the show in on time travel. The writing credits for the show go to Jose Ramon Fernandez, Paco Lopez Barrio, Javier Olivares (who also serves as creative director), Pablo Olivares and Anais Schaaff. The series has been directed by Marc Vigil, Jorge Dorado and Abigail Schaaff. Javier Olivares, Alicia Yubero and Maria Roy serve as executive producers of the show. The show got in a tussle with another show with a similar theme, called ‘Timeless‘. For now, the official adaptation of ‘The Ministry of Time’ has been made in Portugal. Another adaptation is in works with China, and several other countries are in negotiations for the same.

The Ministry of Time Cast: Who is in it?

The main cast of ‘The Ministry of Time’ includes Rodolfo Sancho, Aura Garrido and Nacho Fresneda, who play the roles of Julian Martinez, Amelia Folch and Alonso de Enterrios, respectively. Sancho is known for his work in the theatre and is a familiar face for the Spanish audience. Garrido is a Goya Award-nominated actress and has worked in a number of films and TV shows. Additional cast includes Cayetana Cuervo as Irene Giron, Juan Gea as Ernesto Jimenez, Jaime Blanch as the Head of the Ministry, Francesca Pinon as Angustias Vazquez, Hugo Silva as Jesus Ponton, and Macarena Garcia as Lola Mendieta.

The Ministry of Time Plot: What is it about?

‘The Ministry of Time’ finds its roots in the concept of time travel. In a witty, thrilling and smart manner, the show uses its story to bring forth the cruel and difficult times in history in a “sins of our fathers” manner. The main premise of the show is that Spain has been keeping a huge secret from the world, a quite powerful one at that. The government has access to mysterious doorways that open into different dates in time. The locations of these doorways aren’t constant, they always seem to be shifting. But for most of the show, they are located in the vaults of the top-secret Ministry of Time. The organisation sends out agents from different eras in time to work collectively to stop anyone who tries to gain access to the technology of time travel and mess up the already established timeline. They need to preserve the world as it is, but it is not an easy task. Various spies and soldiers are attempting to manipulate the timeline. It is the duty of the Ministry to prevent this from happening so that our history is safe and protected.

The show starts with a new team of agents gathered by the Ministry. It consists of 16th-century cavalier named Alonso; Amelia, a bright female from the 19th century who is the only female in her university class; and a modern-day paramedic Julian. The three different personalities from completely different worlds must come together and work as a team. Their mission is to find two French soldiers from 1808, who somehow gained access to one of the doors and seem to have travelled to present-day Spain. The mix of people from different time periods is definitely very interesting and intriguing, and it encourages different historical points of view to play off each other.

While the twists and turns of the story keep you hooked, one of the defining traits of the series is the interactions between the protagonists. The ones from the past are constantly awed and confused by the present world. An instance of this situation is that Alonso seems quite fascinated with the fact that Amelia can ride a horse, whereas Julian doesn’t seem to find it hard to believe at all. This condition presents a great learning curve for all the characters, which in turn creates wonderful character arcs.

The Ministry of Time Season 4 Release Date: When will it premiere?

‘The Ministry of Time’ Season 3 premiered on June 1, 2017. The series has received rave reviews since its first season and is one of the most popular series in Spain right now. The third season ended with the events that left the fates of the characters and the Ministry hanging in a dangerous balance. Since then, the fans have been wondering when the next season would grace their screens. The finale of the third season aired on November 1, 2017.

After the wait of more than a year and a half, it was declared that the series is set to return for the fourth season. In an interview with ABC, Fernando Lopez Puig, the director of content at TVE, confirmed the news. “We are working on the bibles of the fourth season and we want to reunite the whole team again,” he said. While we expect the original cast to return for the next season, there have been instances where a character exited the show due to scheduling conflicts of an actor. No official date has been set for the fourth season, but ‘The Ministry of Time’ Season 4 to release sometime in Q1 2020. We will update this section as we have an official confirmation.

The Ministry of Time Trailer

‘The Ministry of Time’ Season 4 is still in the production stage, but it is not too far now. If you love the series and want something to keep you occupied while you excruciatingly wait for the next season, here is the answer for you. Catch all the previous seasons of the series on Netflix. There isn’t a trailer for the fourth season yet. We will update this section as soon as it drops. Meanwhile, here is the trailer for the third season, just to entice you into revisiting the show.

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