When Will The Movies That Made Us Season 2 Premiere on Netflix?

Have you heard of the fun Netflix documentary, ‘The Toys That Made Us‘? If yes and if you loved it, you shall definitely be excited to know that the series has a spinoff as well. Titled, ‘The Movies That Made Us’, it is based on the same premise as that of ‘Toys’. But with a subtle difference. As evident from the title, ‘The Movies’ counterpart revolves around the world of films. It focuses on hit titles from the 80s that helped shape our younger days and formed an important part of our growing-up years.

The Movies That Made Us Cast: Who is in it?

‘The Movies That Made Us’ features the people who were involved in the creation of epic movies, especially during the 1980s. We meet directors, scriptwriters and actors, among others, who explain how it was like to make the film during those times. They also reveal how they felt when the movie received the amount of appreciation it did, how they came up with the idea, how they overcame challenges, etc. Among the featured stars, we meet Dan Akroyd and Ivan Reitman from ‘Ghostbusters’ fame, to mention a few names.

What is The Movies That Made Us About?

According to Brian Volk-Weiss, the director of the show, he wanted to create something that reflected the holiday mood and yet was different from everything else. And so he decided to develop a series that captures the spirit overall and takes us down the memory lane. For instance, ‘Home Alone‘, one of the films covered in the show, definitely manages to revive those Christmas feelings. Even ‘Die Hard‘, another flick that is mentioned in one of the episodes, is, as per Volk-Weiss, “to a certain extent, a holiday film.”

‘The Movies That Made Us’ takes up one ‘generational’ movie at a time and then describes how it was produced and how much of an impact it had on popular culture. Season 1 of the show is centered around four such flicks — ‘Dirty Dancing’, ‘Die Hard’, ‘Home Alone’, and ‘Ghostbusters’. Each of the movies were chosen after putting in a lot of thought — since in comparison to choosing toys, there are so many epic films to pick from.

Additionally, toy-makers are usually talented artists, who do not receive that much of a recognition on-screen. In contrast, the featured flicks in the series have been talked about so much in the past. And hence, it was extremely difficult for the creators to get the stars on set. But still, the makers had tried their best to make the project an entertaining experience. According to Volk-Weiss, “We also did a lot of the humor. Hopefully people trust us that, maybe you’re not a Dirty Dancing fan, but if you like Die Hard and you like Ghostbusters, you’ll give Dirty Dancing a chance.”

Almost similar to ‘The Toys That Made Us’ in terms of format, synergy, theme and flow, ‘The Movies That Made Us’ revives the same dose of nostalgia just like its predecessor. The concept for the show was devised way back in July 2019 and fans of its original title are excited that the show is finally happening. Focusing on the 80s, which is kind of a trend now, it touches all our memory chords and shall definitely compel us to open that old, dusty DVD collection.

The Movies That Made Us Season 2 Release Date: When will it premiere?

‘The Movies That Made Us’ season 1 premiered in all its entirely on November 29, 2019 on Netflix. Its consisted of just four episodes.

As far as the next season goes, there’s a good chance that Netflix isn’t going to stop at just one. There are so many hidden gems and cult favorites from the 80s and 90s that can be covered in subsequent seasons. We also know that ‘Toys’ managed to be renewed for multiple seasons. And so, we hope that the same happens with ‘Movies’ as well. You can expect ‘The Movies That Made Us’ season 2 to release sometime in November 2020.

The Movies That Made Us Trailer:

You can watch the official trailer and all the episodes of ‘The Movies That Made Us’ season 1 right here.

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