The Mysterious Benedict Society Episode 5: What to Expect?

In the fourth episode of ‘The Mysterious Benedict Society,’ the kids are busy fixing up their lives. On the one hand, they have to find out a way to score good grades and, on the other, learn what Mr. Curtain is up to. As Mr. Benedict hikes up the mountain at the campsite, he spots his twin brother hard at work in his garden. But what is he working on? To know how Benedict handles the situation, you can check out the detailed recap of episode 4 in the recap section. Without any further delay, here’s what ‘The Mysterious Benedict Society’ episode 5 might have in store!

The Mysterious Benedict Society Episode 5 Release Date

‘The Mysterious Benedict Society’ episode 5 is scheduled to release on July 16, 2021, at 3 am ET on Disney+. The first season has eight episodes, which follow a weekly release pattern of airing one episode every Friday.

Where to Watch The Mysterious Benedict Society Episode 5 Online?

You can watch ‘The Mysterious Benedict Society’ episode 5 exclusively on Disney+ after it releases on the platform. With a subscription to the streaming platform, you can access all the episodes. Your options at the moment include getting a monthly subscription for $7.99 or paying $79.99 for the whole year.

The Mysterious Benedict Society Episode 5 Spoilers

In the fifth episode, Reynie and Sticky’s promotion will change things for the group. But Kate is still lagging behind as far as her grades are concerned. Being assigned the role of Messenger was the only way she could enter the tower, but now she has run out of options. Mr. Benedict and the group might attempt to investigate Mr. Curtain and his questionable scheme.

The Mysterious Benedict Society Episode 4 Recap

In the fourth episode titled ‘A Whisper, Not a Shout,’ Reynie, Sticky, Kate, and Constance devise effective strategies to cheat in the exam and also discover what Mr. Curtain is up to. At Benedict’s camp, Rhonda suspiciously sneaks out to take a tour of the city and destroy public properties bearing uplifting slogans. Meanwhile, Mr. Benedict and Milligan decide to hike up a local mountain top to get a better view of the island.

For Benedict, it is his one chance to finally see his brother as they move up to the top. As the kids begin to cheat, Sticky, unfortunately, gets caught and sent to the waiting room. He admits that he used unfair means to pass but refuses to rat his friends out. Even though the kids are hell-bent on acing the test, Constance takes the high road and actually tries to succeed on her own merit. She also manages to construe the real meaning behind the messages in Curtain’s journals, revealing an obscure plan called ‘The Improvement.’ Later, Sticky returns saying that he kept his mouth shut.

Back on the mountain, Mr. Benedict and Milligan spot a glimpse of Mr. Curtain digging his garden to acquire something hidden beneath the rocks. Mr. Benedict suspects he might be up to something and decides to bring up the matter in front of the kids. Elsewhere, Kate is unwilling to bear the consequences of scoring poorly on the test. But she beats Martina at tetherball, which earns her a spot in the team at Martina’s request to the authorities. Lastly, Mr. Curtain announces Reynie and Sticky’s names as the new Messengers.

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