The Mysterious Benedict Society Episode 7: What to Expect?

In the latest episode of ‘The Mysterious Benedict Society’, Sticky argues with his friends about the pros and cons of helping Mr. Curtain set up the Whisperer. While Sticky thinks it could be used for reinforcing positive ideas, others see it as a dangerous tool that could upend normal human life. For a descriptive summary of episode 6, there is a recap available at the bottom. If you’re anticipating what lies ahead, here are all the details for the next installment!

The Mysterious Benedict Society Episode 7 Release Date

‘The Mysterious Benedict Society’ episode 7 will release on July 30, 2021, at 3 am ET on Disney+. The first season has eight episodes in total, with new episodes dropping every Friday.

Where to Watch The Mysterious Benedict Society Episode 7 Online?

Fans can watch ‘The Mysterious Benedict Society’ episode 7 exclusively on Disney+ once it lands on the platform. If you sign up for the streaming platform, you could gain full access to all the episodes. There is a monthly subscription available for $7.99, or you can pay $79.99 annually.

The Mysterious Benedict Society Episode 7 Spoilers

In the next episode, Kate might enter the tower on her own accord now that she has the access pattern given by Martina. Sticky’s involvement in Mr. Curtain’s plan might jeopardize the kids’ mission of stopping him. It seems like he is already under the Whisperer’s control, and Mr. Benedict has no clue about it. Speaking of which, Mr. Benedict might figure out his twin brother’s plan in the next episode.

The Mysterious Benedict Society Episode 6 Recap

In the sixth episode, titled ‘Run Silent, Run Deep,’ we see Mr. Curtain and Mr. Benedict as children waiting to be adopted. Nathaniel AKA Mr. Curtain advises his brother Nicholas AKA Mr. Benedict to look more presentable as a prerequisite to being chosen. In the present, Mr. Benedict is worried about the kids, but Rhonda and Number Two have full faith in their potential. Milligan gets stuck during a sailing trip from the Stonehouse to the Institute, where he had to protect the kids.

Meanwhile, the kids go through Mr. Curtain’s plan for The Whisperer, and Sticky is the only one who supports it. Mr. Curtain can sense Sticky’s excitement to be a part of the project, and so, he is called to the lab. Reynie tries to dig out information from Curtain’s son SQ, and Kate wants answers from Martina, an executive who could help them. Kate then receives the key to access the tower while Mr. Curtain tries to curb Reynie’s plan of getting close to his son. But SQ is not ready to leave his new friend and ends up taking her to the jungle to view tree-like figures that are actually antennae.

Back in the past, it is time for the kids to meet the new family, and quite surprisingly, Nicholas gets picked up. Nathaniel freaks out over his new reality, and according to the present-day Benedict, this is what coaxed Mr. Curtain into becoming the person he is today. The Emergency and Improvement are products of Curtain’s tragic childhood that Benedict thinks he has caused.

At the next meeting, Constance realizes that the Whisperer had been using Sticky’s voice to control her. She had heard a whisper in her head telling her to buy blue berets. The children are now more than alarmed at the thought of Mr. Curtain and his destructive machine. Sticky is still hellbent on using it for good purposes, like planting positive thoughts in people’s heads. However, Kate is done with Sticky’s baseless arguments and decides to take matters into her own hands.

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