The Neighbor Season 3: Everything We Know

Created by Miguel Esteban and Raúl Navarro, ‘The Neighbor’ follows a young man, Javier, on the brink of losing everything he has. His savings are barely enough to pull him through, and people do not like his business of selling T-shirts bearing quirky, counter-intuitive messages. Even his relationship with his girlfriend Lola is about to hit a full stop. In such a state of inexorable crisis, Javier doesn’t have much to look forward to. Until one day, he encounters a dying alien who donates all his powers to Javier.

With time, Javier begins to grow into his newfound abilities and use them in fighting evil. Nobody except for his amiable neighbor is aware of his transformation as Javier tries his best to keep it that way. But his girlfriend gradually catches up, eventuating more drama. ‘The Neighbor’ is originally based on the comic series ‘El Vecino,’ by Santiago García and Pepo Pérez. After the second season dropped in 2021, fans are expecting an update on its future. Well, here’s everything we know about ‘The Neighbor’ season 3!

The Neighbor Season 3 Release Date

‘The Neighbor’ season 2 released in its entirety on May 21, 2021, on Netflix. The season comprises eight episodes, with each one having a runtime of around 30 minutes. The second season has been praised for improving considerably in terms of character development and humor, making it a better watch out of the two seasons that it has spanned. Season 2 also marks the entry of Josep Gatell and Teresa de Rosendo as showrunners.

As far as the third season is concerned, here’s what we know. On February 20, 2020, the network renewed the series for season 2. Along with that, it was also announced that the second season would be its last. Season 2 ends with Javier and the gang chasing a vicious section of reptilians disguised as humans holding respectable positions in society. The closing credits are preceded by a dramatic show of green light shooting across the sky, implying that there are way too many reptilians to be killed as Javier gets ready for an impending war.

Hence, it more or less ends inconclusively, leaving room for many more stories and adventures to come. Furthermore, the show is the television adaptation of a comic series stretching multiple volumes. This means that there is a vast scope for ‘The Neighbor’ to be revamped or extended into a spin-off series. However, the creators have not disclosed any update for the same. It is also not known why Netflix decided to pull the plug after two successful seasons. As of now, ‘The Neighbor’ season 3 stands officially canceled.

If you look at Netflix’s inventory, you’ll know that the platform houses several shows based on comic series such as ‘Locke & Key,’ and ‘The Umbrella Academy.’ Moreover, one must not lose hope as anything is possible in the world of television. Maybe sometime in the future, Netflix decides to revive the show. It is also possible that the creators of ‘The Neighbor’ might come up with a compelling idea for a spin-off, and Netflix might readily take it up. If we consider its success, fanbase, and positive reviews, the idea of hoping for its return in any form is not entirely untenable.

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