Preview: The New Pope S01 E04

‘The New Pope’ carries the slick drama of ‘The Young Pope’ forward with its portrayal of Vatican politics. Handled with the characteristic HBO treatment, the show has managed to enthrall viewers with its beautiful cinematography and high production value.

It stars Jude Law and revolves around the accession of Sir John Brannox to papacy when Pope Pius XIII is in a coma.

The New Pope Episode 4 Release Date: When Does it Premiere?

The fourth episode of the first season of ‘The New Pope’ is scheduled to premiere on February 3, 2020 at 9/8c on HBO. The episode returns one week after the series aired its third episode. ‘The New Pope’ follows a weekly format with a new episode being released every Monday.

Where to Watch The New Pope Episode 4 Online?

You can watch the fourth episode of ‘The New Pope’ by tuning into HBO on the timeslot given above. Moreover, the episode can also be watched on the HBO website either by a subscription for HBO NOW or HBO GO. For those who have a cable subscription with an HBO package, HBO GO is a service that allows you to stream HBO shows online with your cable provider’s login for free. You can also access HBO GO through their mobile app. Moreover, HBO Now is a paid subscription which allows you to watch HBO shows online in case you don’t have a cable subscription. HBO NOW can also be accessed through a mobile app.

Furthermore, HBO shows can also be watched live via Amazon Prime or Hulu by subscribing to their HBO package at $14.99 per month. Plus, the episode can also be streamed online with a subscription for Direct TV.

The New Pope Season 1 Episode 3 Recap:

The third episode of ‘The New Pope’ dug into Sir John Brannox’s psyche. All his life, Sir John has felt overshadowed by his brother, Adam. His parents used to dream of Adam becoming the Pope one day. However, now that John has a chance at becoming the Pope, his parents feel that he doesn’t deserve it.

It is clear that John desperately seeks love from his parents and from God. He takes up papacy after Voiello manages to whip a unanimous vote in his favour. Sir John Brannox is now Pope John III.

However, it is made clear that Sir John seeks love and acceptance from people vehemently. In fact, so much so that not getting any adoration might just crack is fragile self. So, it will be interesting to see what happens when Lenny comes out of coma.

Meanwhile, Esther desperately needs money and there’s a mysterious tattooed nun involved…