Preview: The New Pope E09

HBO’s ‘The New Pope‘ took quite a long time to bring Jude Law’s character in the center of all the action. Perhaps that is why it was named differently despite functioning as the second season of ‘The Young Pope.’ However, Pope Pius XIII was finally made to wake up from his coma at a time when all hell seems to break loose in the Vatican.

In the eighth episode of ‘The New Pope,’ Pope Pius XIII is seen plotting his comeback. Voiello, on the other hand, stands right in the middle of him and Pope John Paul III, apparently playing both sides.

The New Pope Episode 9 Release Date: When Does it Premiere?

The ninth episode of the first season of ‘The New Pope’ is scheduled to premiere on March 9, 2020 at 9/8c on HBO. The show returns one week after the eighth episode was aired. ‘The New Pope’ follows a weekly format with a new episode being released every Monday.

Where to Watch The New Pope Episode 9 Online?

You can watch the ninth episode of ‘The New Pope’ by tuning into HBO on the timeslot given above. Moreover, the episode can also be watched on the HBO website either by a subscription for HBO NOW or HBO GO. For those who have a cable subscription with an HBO package, HBO GO is a service that allows you to stream HBO shows online with your cable provider’s login for free. You can also access HBO GO through their mobile app. Moreover, HBO Now is a paid subscription that allows you to watch HBO shows online in case you don’t have a cable subscription. HBO NOW can also be accessed through a mobile app.

Furthermore, HBO shows can also be watched live via Amazon Prime or Hulu by subscribing to their HBO package at $14.99 per month. Plus, the episode can also be streamed online with a subscription for Direct TV.

The New Pope Episode 8 Recap:

The eighth episode of ‘The New Pope’ sees Pope John Paul III temporarily leaving the Vatican to go to one of its properties after the last episode’s debacle. He tells Sofia how his brother, Adam was killed. While skiing, Adam had suffered an injury to his head and could have been saved had John Paul III not been on heroin.

On the other hand, Pope Pius XIII has finally made his way into the Vatican. However, his followers (and the world) aren’t aware of him having woken up from his coma yet. He meets up with Voiello to discuss a future strategy. They plan to get blurry photos of Pope Pius XIII clicked near the protesting convent.

Voiello also meets with Pope John Paul III. The latter wants Voiello back as the Vatican’s secretary of state. Voiello agrees to return and even protect John Paul III from the schemings of Cardinal Spaletta. He wants the Pope to attend a funeral for Giromalo which John Paul III agrees to.

Assente is still the secretary of state, however. Voiello makes him resign the post by blackmailing him with photos of him and Cavallo in a compromising position. Voiello sends Assente to Kabul, Afghanistan.

Bauer and Leopold Essence (the priest with a cockroach under his sleeve) set up a sting operation against Spaletta, Tomas and the Italian Minister of Economy and Finance. He pays a prostitute and sets up cameras inside the building where the three engage in orgies. After recording them in various sinfully sexual activities with the girl, they are forced to resign from their positions and never blackmail Pope John Paul III. Voiello persuades Pope John Paul III to meet with Pius XIII.

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