Will There be More of ‘The New Pope’?

HBO’s ‘The New Pope‘ presents a Machiavellian drama that courageously embraces its controversial premise surrounding power politics in the Vatican. The series carries its HBO label deservingly, boasting of high production value and top-notch quality.

The series is actually not a stand-alone project and it is important to clear the air regarding this. ‘The New Pope’ does not depict a brand new story, with newly established characters (some of the characters are new, but all of the primary ones are not). Instead, ‘The New Pope’ continues the story of ‘The Young Pope.’ 

Hence, ‘The New Pope’ can be considered as the second season of ‘The Young Pope.’ While the protagonist of the latter returns, a new titular character takes the center stage. Hence, this shift in point of view could be the reason for the makers of ‘The Young Pope’ to continue the plot with a somewhat new series.

The New Pope Season 2 Release Date: Renewed or Cancelled?

At this point, it is tough to say whether ‘The New Pope’ will be renewed or not. The question is also more complex in this case since ‘The New Pope’ functions as both, a new television series but also a continuation of ‘The Young Pope.’ Like ‘The Young Pope,’ ‘The New Pope’ has a somewhat self-sustaining narrative throughout its nine episodes.

‘The Young Pope’ aired its last episode in February of 2017 whereas the first episode of ‘The New Pope’ was released on January 13, 2020 (in the USA). Hence, given past history, predicting the series’ return at such an early stage might be hasty. Plus, if the plot is continued, it might take the form of a new series with a new title. It will probably not be released as the second season of ‘The New Pope’ or the third installment of ‘The Young Pope.’

Hence, technically speaking, it can be predicted that ‘The New Pope’ season 2 will most likely not happen. However, if the makers can come up with an engaging way to advance the plot, the story might continue in the form of a new series like ‘The New Pope’ was a continuation of ‘The Young Pope.’ If this new series is greenlit, we expect it to release sometime in 2023.

The New Pope Cast: Who is in it?

Jude Law reprises his role as Pope Pius XIII from ‘The Young Pope.’ While Law’s character plays an integral role in the plot of ‘The Young Pope,’ Pope Pius XIII remains in a coma for six episodes of the season. The talented and prominent actor is known for appearing in multiple successful movies like ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ and ‘Sherlock Holmes.’ 

On the other hand, John Malkovich plays the role of the new pope that replaces Pope Pius XIII, Pope John Paul III. Malkovich is an experienced, American actor who has starred in films like ‘The Perks of Being a Wallflower’ and ‘Bird Box.’ 

Other than that, Silvio Orlando reprises his role as Cardinal Voiello from ‘The Young Pope.’ Cecile de France also returns to ‘The New Pope’ after starring in ‘The Young Pope’ as Sofia. Similarly, Ludivine Sagnier reprises her role as Esther while Javier Camara returns to his role as Cardinal Gutierrez.

The New Pope Plot: What is it About?

‘The New Pope,’ sees Pope Pius XIII hanging in a coma. The series begins with the ascension of a new man as the leader of the Vatican, Sir John Brannox (who becomes Pope John Paul III). A flawed character, he is depicted to be a drug addict and one with a dark secret. Throughout the series, he leads the Vatican through multiple conflicts, one of them being an attack by a fundamentalist group.

Pope John Paul III does not turn out to be the most effective leader, however. Eventually, Pope Pius XIII wakes up to reclaim his papal throne and set things right.

The New Pope Trailer:

‘The New Pope’ presents a scandalous tale on power politics within the Vatican. You can watch its trailer below:

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