Will There be a The Open House Sequel?

There is a reason I maintain that horror is one of the most difficult genres to pull off in movies. You don’t just need a good script, but also excellent execution to pull off the feeling of horror. The viewers must be brought in, caught up in the plot, and given necessary scares to walk away with an enjoyable experience. While there are several horror movies that get the formula just right, the 2018 Netflix film ‘The Open House’ is just not among them.

Written and directed by Matt Angel and Suzanne Coote, the movie follows a mother who moves into her sister’s chalet with her teenage son, following the death of her husband. They live there while the house is being sold. Unfortunately, they are soon targeted by a mysterious entity, and they cannot determine if it is a person or something supernatural. By the time they realize what is happening, events take a horrific turn and it is too late.

Upon release, the movie was not well received, unsurprisingly since the execution is not too well handled. However, the premise is very fascinating the film ends on a note that could very well be picked up in a sequel. Although poor-performing movies are rarely given a second chance on Netflix, we believe that the sequel to ‘The Open House’ could be better, by taking the story in a fascinating direction. Here is everything we know about ‘The Open House 2’.

The Open House 2 Plot: What Can It Be About?

The plot of ‘The Open House’ ends on a very clear note where the mother and the son have been murdered by what appears to be a ruthless killer. We see the killer driving away in that family’s car to another open house. The killer’s modus operandi is now clear. He seems to be a serial killer who targets his victims at open houses. Since these houses for sale see plenty of strangers, who could be potential buyers, the killer goes unnoticed. He then stalks his victims and plays mind games with them, before closing in for the kill.

Naturally, nobody likes to imagine that such a horrible person could be on the loose and the sequel could address this concern. In case ‘The Open House 2’ decides to go in the direction of a revenge flick, we could see the mother’s sister on the case, tracking the killer, determined to get vengeance for his actions. Alternately, the sequel could show the killer trying to track and kill another family, while being hunted by the cops himself. Since we do not know the identity of the killer, the movie can take us down several dark roads. It would be particularly thrilling if ‘The Open House 2’ is told from the perspective of the killer, giving us an insight into his twisted psyche.

If ‘The Open House 2’ really wants to mix things up, it could show the serial killer targeting a family that happens to hide a dark secret themselves. It is a plot that has been examined before in movies, but if pulled off well, it could make ‘The Open House 2’ a really edgy film that would prove a point to the naysayers of the first movie.

The Open House 2 Cast: Who Can Be In It?

Now that we have seen the possible directions the plot of ‘The Open House’ sequel could go in, we should turn our attention to the cast of the movie. ‘The Open House’ had a really stripped down cast, and since most of them died at the hands of the serial killer, they will not be returning to the sequel. Instead, we will get to see our killer moving on to the next victim. Now, the interesting thing is that the killer’s face is never clearly shown in the movie, so we do not know who he actually is. There are some guesses that the plumber could be the killer. If that is the case, then Edward Olson will surely be reprising his role as the plumber in the next film.

The Open House 2 Crew: Who Can Be Behind It?

Matt Angel and Suzanne Coote are the brains behind ‘The Open House’ since the story comes from them, and they have directed it. While we don’t mind them returning to pen and helm the sequel, the duo should keep in mind that they have a point to prove to the critics and should work harder on the execution to make ‘The Open House 2’ a success.

The Open House 2 Release Date: When Can It Premiere?

‘The Open House’ released in 2018. In the eventuality of a sequel being greenlit, it will be at least 2021 till we get to see ‘The Open House 2’.

The Open House 2 Trailer:

‘The Open House 2’ does not have a trailer yet, but you can check out the trailer for ‘The Open House’ below.

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