The Perfumier Sequel: Will it Happen?

Netflix’s ‘The Perfumier‘ (alternatively titled ‘Der Parfumeur’) is a German-language film directed by Nils Willbrandt. The crime thriller revolves around Sunny, a female detective without the ability to smell. Sunny investigates a murder case that leads her to Dorian, a master perfume maker who aspires to make a love perfume.

The enticing cat and mouse game climates with Sunny saving her baby’s life. However, Dorian is still at large, ending the film on an open note. Therefore, viewers must be wondering if there will be a sequel exploring the unresolved plot threads. In that case, here is everything you need to know about the sequel to ‘The Perfumier.’

The Perfumier Sequel Release Date

‘The Perfumier’ was released on Sep 21, 2022, on Netflix. The film received mixed reviews from critics, with criticism directed at the screenplay and narrative and praise for the themes and performances. As far as a sequel is concerned, the makers have remained tight-lipped on the matter. However, the film’s open ending strongly hints at the possibility of a sequel.

The film’s story follows Sunny, a detective without a sense of smell. She attempts to catch Dorian, a perfume maker who uses his victims’ scents to make powerful fragrances. In the end, Sunny defeats Dorian with an odorless and toxic substance that takes away the perfume maker’s ability to smell. Hence, Dorian’s quest to create the love perfume remains incomplete. However, Dorian is still at large and could make another attempt to perfect his formula.

As a result, the sequel could see Dorian going after Sunny and her baby in a bid to make the love perfume. Moreover, as Sunny regains her sense of smell in the first film, Dorian could also find a way to regain his ability to smell. The movie’s final moments depict Dorian at his bunker, resolving to continue his quest for making the love perfume.

Meanwhile, the sequel could focus on Sunny trying to protect her baby from Dorian. On the other hand, Sunny believes that Dorian killed Stefan. However, the final moments of the first film reveal that Stefan is alive and unwittingly embroiled in the twisted game between Sunny and Dorian.

Ultimately, ‘The Perfumier’ leaves several plot threads unresolved that could be explored in a potential sequel. Therefore, a sequel’s chances of materializing depend upon the audience’s response. If the film proves to be popular with the viewers and meets Netflix’s viewership expectations, the streaming giant could greenlight a follow-up installment.

As a result, viewers can expect most of the cast members are likely to reprise their roles in the prospective sequel. Considering Netflix officially announces plans for a sequel in the coming months, production could be slated to take place sometime in 2023. As a result, ‘The Perfumier 2’ could be released sometime in Q2 of 2024, at the earliest.

If a sequel materializes, the story could depict Dorian embarking on a quest to regain his sense of smell. After doing so, he could attempt to make the love potion by exploiting Sunny’s relationship with her baby. Another perfume maker, likely Stefan, could also enter the game leading to drastic consequences for Sunny and Dorian.

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