Will There be a The Playbook Season 2?

The latest trend for documentaries involves a considerable amount of focus on athletes and sportsmen. However, Netflix’s ‘The Playbook’, although a sports docuseries, adopts a slightly different approach — by throwing the limelight on the mentors, rather than the players. It gets up close and personal with notable coaches, possessing ‘championship resumes’, who have managed to build the super-successful careers of legendary sportsmen.

The show lends insights into the crucial moments in the journeys of the featured mentors. It additionally chronicles the life-changing events in the lives of the respective athletes — giving us lessons that can be carried back home, way beyond the stadiums. ‘The Playbook’ initially premiered on Netflix in September 2020. If you want to know whether the series will spawn another season, we have you covered.

The Playbook Season 2 Release Date:

‘The Playbook’ season 1 premiered on September 22, 2020, on Netflix, in all its entirety of five episodes. Inspiring, enlightening, and unflinching, the five-part first season of the revealing documentary managed to awe fans, especially sports enthusiasts. After all, the series offers a rare opportunity to learn about the sports masterminds who are responsible for their teams’ strategy — in both victory and defeat. Owing to its informative nature, we are hopeful that the show will get another season at least. If Netflix echoes the same sentiments and renews the new outing soon, we can expect ‘The Playbook’ season 2 to release sometime in late 2021.

The Playbook Season 2 Cast: Who Can be in it?

The inaugural installment of ‘The Playbook’ throws the limelight on five renowned sports coaches — Doc Rivers (the man behind the Los Angeles Clippers);  two-time FIFA World Cup-winning coach Jill Ellis; Premier League’s manager José Mourinho; Serena Williams’ coach Patrick Mouratoglou; and basketball Hall of Famer plus coach Dawn Staley. The episodes reveal the critical points in each of these mentors’ careers via in-depth interviews. We also learn how they had developed their personal philosophies.

For instance, NBA coach Doc Rivers explains his unifying philosophy that inspired Boston’s championship team. He additionally shares his views on Donald Sterling’s racist comments. Jill Ellis recounts her journey that paved her team toward winning two World Cup titles. She also discusses how she supports her players and always stays true to herself. Soccer manager José Mourinho details how his passion for success drives him in competitions. He additionally relates his tactics to handle media and motivate athletes.

Patrick Mouratoglou revisits his success story with Serena Williams while outlining how he handles players when they fail. Finally, Dawn Staley talks about her challenges in a men-dominated sport while tackling comfort zones and building a winning team in South Carolina. Season 2 will pick up another batch of equally strong, successful mentors who have groomed some of the best players, known to the world.

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