The Power Season 2: Possibilties Explored

Created by Naomi Alderman, Sarah Quintrell, and Raelle Tucker, Prime Video’s sci-fi series, ‘The Power’ is based on the novel of the same name by Alderman. The show is set in a world where women get the power to produce electricity, which makes them more powerful than men. This sudden change in their situation results in a massive shift in power dynamics throughout the world. While women explore the freedom that this newfound power brings, the men start to worry about their place in society.

Over nine episodes, the first season creates a world that might seem unreal but focuses on relevant issues that need to be addressed in today’s society. After that thrilling finale, you might be wondering what happens next in the story. Will there be a second season of ‘The Power’? Let’s find out.

Will The Power Season 2 Happen?

‘The Power’ Season 1 premiered on Prime Video on March 31, 2023. The first three episodes were released on the same day, and the rest of the episodes, all almost one hour long, were released weekly. The ninth and final episode aired on May 12, 2023. The show received good reviews from critics and audiences alike. As of now, Prime Video has not announced anything about the second season. However, with its compelling subject matter and engaging storyline, there is much left to explore in the world of ‘The Power.’

Image Credit: Ludovic Robert/Prime Video

In an interview with the Guardian, author Naomi Alderman revealed that the execution of the show has been mapped out over several seasons. “Ideally, we’re looking at a 10-episode season for five or six seasons because there’s a lot of world in there,” she said. While the novel covers the full arc for every character, the show’s first season acts as a jumping-off point for their stories. It barely covers the book’s first quarter, leaving a lot to unravel over upcoming seasons.

The first season ends on uncertain points for every character. The biggest question lingers on the fate of Margot Cleary-Lopez, who electrocuted her opponent during a debate on national television. In the books, this becomes the turning point in Margot’s career and sends her to Senate, making her one of the most powerful people in the country. Another exciting storyline is that of Tatiana and her sister, Zoia.

At the season’s end, Tatiana becomes Carpathia’s President with Zoia’s rebel forces by her side. The following season could chart the rise of a new nation ruled by women. What will it look like, especially for men? And what will it mean for Tunde Ojo, who is still stuck there? Another thing that the show hasn’t explored yet is Allie/Eve and Roxy’s friendships. In the book, they are described as two of the most powerful women in the woman. They control their EOD like no one else. Their collaboration leads to the rise of Mother Eve, which eventually changes the fate of the world.

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Apart from the main characters, there are other avenues that the show is yet to dive into. With the women rising to power, the followers of Urbandox are sure to feel more threatened, which might lead to violence and conflict. This is especially challenging for Margot because her own son follows Urbandox. There is also the question of Ryan’s EOD. Does it mean that men can have EOD too?

The finale of ‘The Power’ Season 1 leaves many unanswered questions, which should be addressed in the next season. The show’s actors have also talked about the possibilities for their characters in the following seasons, hinting that a second season might be in the works. Toni Colette, who plays Margot Cleary-Lopez, told Radio Times that the story in ‘The Power’ has “only just begun.” “The book is a great springboard because where you can go with it is amazing, what power does to people, how people react to it, there’s a whole place to go,” she said.

Ria Zmitrowicz, who plays Roxy Monke, and John Leguizamo, who plays Rob Lopez, said they’d love to reprise their roles in the following seasons. With all the actors ready to return to the world of ‘The Power’ and the show getting a great response from the audience, there is a good chance that ‘The Power’ will receive a second season. If that happens, we expect it to release sometime in early 2025.  

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