Is The Protector Season 5 Cancelled?

‘The Protector’ (Hakan: Muhafız) is a Turkish sci-fi fantasy drama, helmed by Çağatay Ulusoy and Ayça Ayşin Turan as the lead stars. Created by Binnur Karaevli and directed by Can Evrenol, Umut Aral, and Gönenç Uyanık, the Netflix original first dropped on the streamer on December 14, 2018. Soon after, the show, owing to its positive reviews, was renewed for its second, third, and fourth outings. Now that its 4th edition has ended, you might be wondering if we will get more from the series. Here’s everything we know about its future.

The Protector Season 5 Release Date: Renewed or Cancelled?

‘The Protector’ season 4 premiered on July 9, 2020, on Netflix. It consisted of seven episodes. The story of ‘The Protector’ had started off with Hakan Demir, a shopkeeper in Istanbul, whose adoptive father Neset gets killed. This is when he makes a surprising discovery — he has his roots interlinked to an ancient secret order and his duty is to protect the city. Hakan takes up his role as The Protector, whose primary responsibility is to demolish the Immortals. In his ordeal, he is helped by Kemal and his daughter Zeynep from the Loyal Ones.

Season 4 starts off right after the events of its preceding installment. In spite of putting up a brave fight against Vizier, Hakan is unable to protect his city of Istanbul from falling to the darkness of the Immortal. In order to save the future of his hometown, Hakan needs to search for the darkness of the past and bring back balance toward the light — to permanently defeat the Immortal. In season 4’s finale, Hakan wakes up in an alternate reality and discovers the twisted link between Faysal and the first Protector — bringing the tale to a closed-loop.

The ending definitely has no loose threads and leaves viewers satisfied. This naturally makes us wonder if season 4 was planned as the final installment since it’s evident that there are no new plot arcs to explore. Moreover, even before the release of season 4, social media was packed with rumors doing rounds that the show has reached its end. Turkish news channels like Zeynart had additionally reported that the fourth edition is the last installment from the drama. It said: “Despite staying in the classroom in terms of script and visual effects, the fantastic series that managed to arouse curiosity in every season returns with its fourth and final season (translated).”

Confirming these speculations, the official Instagram account of ‘The Protector’ released a statement, saying that the series has winded up with its complete run. The caption said: “The Protector has come to the end of the challenge. Both in the past and in the future. #TheProtector is now on Netflix, with the final season.”

So there you go! ‘The Protector’ season 5 stands officially canceled on Netflix.

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