The Resident Season 4 Episode 8: What to Expect?

In the 7th episode of ‘The Resident’ Season 4, we witness a busy day at the Chastain. There are three major surgeries that keep the viewers on their toes. Conrad gets a call from a person stuck in the forest. Devon treats a patient suffering from sickle cell anemia. The rest of the episode details are described in our recap, but before that, you can check out the particulars for the upcoming winter finale- ‘The Resident’ Season 4 Episode 8!

The Resident Season 4 Episode 8 Release Date

‘The Resident’ season 4 episode 8 is scheduled to premiere on Tuesday, March 9, 2021, at 8 pm ET Fox. New episodes drop on the channel every Tuesday.

Where to Stream The Resident Season 4 Episode 8 Online?

Fans of the show can catch ‘The Resident’ season 4 episode 8 when it airs on Fox, as mentioned above. If you’re looking for other options, you can easily access the episodes through Fox’s official website. You can also stream full episodes on Fox Now, provided you have a cable service provider login. Another option is to stream the series on FuboTV and DirecTV. Active subscribers of Hulu can additionally watch it on the streaming service, and the others can opt for VOD platforms like Vudu and Amazon Prime Video, where the episodes can be rented or purchased.

The Resident Season 4 Episode 8 Spoilers

The 8th episode of ‘The Resident’ season 4, called ‘First Days, Last Days,’ will mark Nic’s first day back at Chastain. The man who attacked her will be admitted to the ER, causing her to confront her trauma head-on. Cain will be self-conscious of his physical state and might resolve to take down Mina. Here’s the promo for you to watch!

The Resident Season 4 Episode 7 Recap

This week’s ‘The Resident’ season 4 episode 7 is titled ‘Hero Moments,’ where Conrad receives a call from his former army commander. He is stranded and wounded on the ledge. Conrad tells Nic that he has to leave. Austin meets Mina over a cup of coffee and tries to comfort her as she is tensed about her immigration status. Devon is treating Ms. Williams, who has hip pain from sickle cell anemia, and sets her up for an X-ray. Conrad finds the commander in the forest and checks him for injuries. He has a deep wound on the side and is bleeding internally.

Conrad calls for on-air assistance to take the commander to Chastain, where he will be treated. Meanwhile, Kitt and Devon speak to Ms. Williams, who is unwilling to go through a hip replacement surgery. Austin leaves in the middle of a treatment to help Conrad’s commander. Mina seems nervous, but Austin reassures her saying that it’ll be okay.

The commander’s X-ray reads clear, which is unusual because the wound suggests a bullet lodged near his spine. Ms. Williams is finally in surgery, which closes almost successfully. But her body dangerously reacts to the blood she was given during the operation, and now they don’t have compatible blood to cure her. The situation soon spirals out of control when she suffers from tachycardia. But Devon persuades her not to give up because help is on the way.

Conrad discovers that the bullet inside the commander has migrated to his neck, which could cause a fatal stroke. They finally take him up for an operation, and Conrad efficiently extracts the bullet out of him. Without Austin, Mina also somehow manages the other surgery.

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