The Resident Season 5: Everything We Know

Created by Amy Holden Jones, Hayley Schore, and Roshan Sethi from the book ‘Unaccountable’ by Marty Makary, ‘The Resident’ is a medical drama series that attempts to unravel the bureaucracy dormant within the medical industry. The story revolves around lives and challenges faced by the medical professionals and employees at the Chastain Park Memorial Hospital. At the center of the dark and brooding story lies a young and idealistic intern named Devon Pravesh, and he is assigned to senior resident Conrad Hawkins.

However, after some time, Devon knows that Conrad is not who he seems to be. Since its premiere in January 2018, the Fox original show has spawned four seasons amidst considerable critical approval. Although the show does not pack enough punch to compete with some of the classics of its genre, it still holds enough merit to appeal to genre fans. After the cliffhanger finale of the fourth season on May 18, 2021, fans must be eagerly waiting for the fifth installment. If you are inquisitive about the release details and other specifics of the ‘The Resident’ season 5, let us keep you posted.

The Resident Season 5 Release Date

On May 17, 2021, a day before the release of the season finale, the original network greenlit production for the fifth season. Well, fans would be pleased to know that the wait is over! ‘The Resident’ season 5 premieres on September 21, 2021, at 8/7c on Fox.

Filming began in Atlanta, Georgia, in July 2021, and production is well underway as of August 2021. Co-creator Amy Jones shared the news of the commencement of filming with the fans on her Instagram account.

The Resident Season 5 Cast: Who is in it?

All of the central cast members will possibly return for the fifth haul, but there will also be some significant changes. Among the prominent cast members, we shall see Matt Czuchry (Conrad Hawkins), Emily VanCamp (Nicolette ‘Nic’ Nevin), Manish Dayal (Devon Pravesh), Bruce Greenwood (Randolph Bell), Malcolm-Jamal Warner (August Jeremiah “AJ/The Raptor” Austin), Glenn Morshower (Marshall Winthrop), and Jane Leeves (Kitt Voss).

In other developments, Jessica Lucas (Billie Sutton), who essays a recurring character in the fourth season, will play a much more prominent role in the fifth installment. Anuja Joshi, who plays the role of surgical intern Leela Devi in the fourth season, will also return as a series regular. On the other hand, Morris Chestnut’s diabolical doctor Barrett Cain will get less screen time since his character is relegated to recurring. Moreover, Shaunette Renée Wilson’s character Dr. Mina Okafor goes back to her homeland in the fourth season, and we will not see much of her either.

The Resident Season 5 Plot: What is it about?

The fourth season is populated with incidents and new equations. AJ’s adoptive mother, Carol Austin, incurs a back injury since being weak after her cancer treatment. AJ is still furious at Cain due to his involvement in Mina’s departure, and he chooses to admit his mother to Atlanta General instead. Cain considers a job offer at John’s Hopkins.  Carol’s condition worsens, Billie jumps to resume the operation, and Cain arrives in the nick of time. The operation is a success, and although it is an early stage to be definitive, Cain believes that Carol would be able to walk.

Out of gratitude, AJ assures that he is willing to work with Cain. In a daring feat, Bell and Davon save two lives, Leela’s friend Astrid and Jake’s buddy Roland. In finality, it is revealed that Phillip Bondman has sold Bio South Labs to a mammoth pharma company. Although the hospital’s debts are settled, the mood is tense with the anticipation of changes that would come with the big pharma entering the game.

Leela and Devon’s spontaneous liaison will change a lot of aspects for the fifth season. According to co-showrunner Peter Elkoff, the show has some big revelations in store for the fifth season. It will be something that the characters will remember for long, not something they will eventually forget. The season will reportedly take inspiration from the recent woes of the COVID-19 pandemic and will spread some vaccine awareness among its audience base.

The hospital will undergo some structural and administrative changes, and there may be a polarity between the doctors. There will be more intricate medical cases and some heart-racing emergencies, while the chemistry between the covenant of doctors will face some major changes. In the wake of Cain’s departure, Billie will take up a crucial role in the hospital. There will be more intricate medical cases and some heart-racing emergencies, while the chemistry between the covenant of doctors will face some major changes.

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