The Rev Season 1: Everything We Know

‘The Rev’ is an inspirational reality sitcom that introduces Pastor Richard Hartley, a vivacious and high-spirited messenger of religion, and also humanity. He spends his time addressing his beloved congregation at a church in Long Island, New York, or tending to his loving family consisting of his wife and two children. He is also a gifted musician who assists his hometown’s church choir every once in a while to uplift its music prowess.

It showcases the choir director’s life in a narrative that sheds light on his struggles and accomplishments. With a personality as charming and youthful as Pastor Richard, the show looks promising. It also has elements of humor and melody that further build it up into an engaging family watch. As the first season premiere is just around the corner, we are looking forward to this new series that has the potential to seep into our watchlists. Here’s everything we know about ‘The Rev’ season 1.

The Rev Season 1 Release Date

’The Rev’ season 1 premieres on January 21, 2020, at 10:30 pm ET on USA Network. It consists of eight episodes, with a runtime of around 30 minutes each. The show is set to follow a weekly release pattern of dropping one episode every Thursday.

The Rev Cast: Who is in it?

’The Rev’ stars Pastor Richard Hartley, a resident of Long Island, New York, with a mission to improve the hometown’s church choir. His wife, Stacey, is also one of the main appearances. She is the First Lady of the church where her husband serves. Their kids Judea and Jordan actively immerse themselves in the church activities too. Judea identifies herself as a worship leader, and Jordan is a part of the band. The show further introduces other church members integral to the show and Richard’s life, with occasional appearances from relatives and friends of the Hartley family.

What is The Rev About?

’The Rev’ is a delineation of Pastor Richard Hartley’s life after returning to his hometown Long Island, New York. It is a reality sitcom that covers up his experiences, starting from his musical career to family life. The pastor has traveled across the world and gained insights through shared accounts with top-notch musicians and choir artists. Hartley’s journey of profound soul-searching slowly transitions into a purpose of working for the greater good.

After his return, Hartley actively involves himself in the local church choir that seeks his assistance. His radiant aura also complements frequent church gatherings where he hands down valuable sermons. When not occupied in his societal endeavors, the pastor spends time with his wife Stacey and two children – Judea and Jordan, a millennial pair who need their father’s guidance now more than ever. Richard is dedicated to sending them out on a journey where they can build their dreams and discover who they are.

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