Will There be a The Ritual Sequel?

Horror manifests itself in different forms, sometimes taking the shapes of monsters externally while manifesting itself in our minds at other times. ‘The Ritual’ is a supernatural horror movie that comes from David Bruckner. It is based on the 2011 novel of the same name by Adam Nevill.

While the plot of the movie is based on a few friends traveling through Norse woods, the director has masterfully ensured that an aura of dread is always prevalent. Way before the monster reveals itself, which turns out to be Jotunn (a mythological creature from Viking legend), we get the sense that the true horror is based on the preexisting trauma of the friends. Bruckner has stated that his movie is about masculinity in crisis, and how we manage to outgrow friends and drift apart.

All of this is placed against the backdrop of horror, and the Scandinavian setting heightens the situational terror that is present in every frame of the movie. While ‘The Ritual’ is definitely a wonderful offering, when it comes to scary movies, the film managed to bring in a little over $1 million during its theatrical run in the UK. It has been released internationally by Netflix. As far as the story in the movie is concerned, the ends were neatly wrapped up, leading us to believe that a sequel to the ‘The Ritual’ is likely to be a long shot. However, Bruckner does not resolve the issue of the Jotunn, which might very well come back if he chooses to make a sequel to ‘The Ritual’. Here is all that we know about the movie.

The Ritual 2 Plot: What Can It Be About?

‘The Ritual’ is definitely a horrifying tale of how the Jotunn, the Norse monster, hunts down the group of friends who decide to take a shortcut through a forest. While the horror trope of a shortcut gone wrong is easily evident, Bruckner has clearly stated that he deals with deeper themes, like masculinity which is in crisis. Moreover, his movie is an homage to outgrowing your friends. In fact, the director went on to say that men drift apart more from their old friends as they grow older, which is reflected in the group that decides to go on the hiking trip.

In this light, the ending moments of the movie take on a new meaning. Luke’s triumphant scream at the monster and his subsequent return to civilization symbolize him outgrowing his friends, and his ability to put the nightmare of not being able to save one of his friends from dying in a robbery, to rest. Luke’s crisis of masculinity reaches a temporary resolution by the end of ‘The Ritual’. While his arc seems to be complete, the Jotunn is not done, since all its worshippers are dead, and Luke has escaped it. While the Jotunn cannot leave the forest, ‘The Ritual 2’ could very look at a different group of people in the same woods, being haunted by a monster that is now familiar to us.

Bruckner has made it clear that he enjoys exploring the mental horrors and preexisting trauma. Thus, a new group would give him new perspectives to explore, which would go into making ‘The Ritual 2’ a thrilling watch. Alternately, Bruckner could give in to his desires of exploring the human psyche, and follow Luke’s character further.

In the latter event, the sequel to ‘The Ritual’ would definitely be a psychological horror, if the director chooses to unpack the trauma Luke has to go through, not just due to the guilt regarding the death of his friend, but also because of the ordeal that he faces in the woods. Either way, the plot promises to be a gripping tale that will once again take us into the mind that made ‘The Ritual’ such a horrifying but enjoyable watch.

The Ritual 2 Cast: Who Can Be In It?

In the event of ‘The Ritual 2’ being made, we will definitely see Luke returning in some capacity. Even if he is not the central character, the director is likely to show his mental state, seeing as how invested he was in portraying Luke’s mind in the final moments of the film. Thus Rafe Spall will be returning to reprise the role of Luke in all probability.

Jotunn, the monster, will also be returning to terrorize others if there is a sequel. In the eventuality of Bruckner deciding to make the horror movie with an entirely new group being terrorized by the familiar monster, we could see several new actors joining the cast. While we would definitely be interested to see how their performances accentuate the tale, we are sure that Bruckner will give them complex interpersonal relationships which will be explored over the course of the film, driving the horror narrative forward.

The Ritual 2 Crew: Who Can Be Behind It?

In the eventuality that a sequel to ‘The Ritual’ is made, David Bruckner is likely to be back in the director’s chair, since he is incredibly familiar with the project and the source material. Bruckner has expressed his fondness for the SFX team, Russell FX, consisting of Josh and Sierra Russell. They collaborated together on ‘Southbound‘ as well, and the director happens to love how they approach the concept. Thus, if the Jotunn is to return in the sequel, we can expect Russell FX to bring it to life.

Bruckner tied up with Andy Serkis’ The Imaginarium for the production of the first movie. Since the working experience was good, he could be looking to rekindle the partnership for a sequel.

The Ritual 2 Release Date: When Can It Premiere?

‘The Ritual’ had its theatrical release in 2017 and came out on Netflix in 2018. Considering there is no concrete news about a sequel yet, we have to say that it will be some time before we can expect ‘The Ritual 2’. Conservative estimates suggest that the movie might come out in 2021 or 2022 if things move along quickly and the film begins shooting sometime in 2020.

The Ritual 2 Trailer:

‘The Ritual 2’ does not happen to have a trailer but you can sit back and enjoy the thrills and chills in the trailer of ‘The Ritual’.

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