The Rookie Feds Season 2: Possibilities Explored

Image Credit: Scott Everett White/ABC

A spin-off to ‘The Rookie,’ ABC’s police procedural series ‘The Rookie: Feds’ follows Special Agent Simone Clark, who joins the FBI as the oldest rookie in the history of the bureau. She tries her best to find her footing in the federal agency with her commitment and dedication, which affect her personal life. The series progresses through the cases Simone and her colleagues in Matthew “Matt” Garza’s Special Investigative Unit solve.

The show received mixed reviews from critics and audiences but praises were garnered by Niecy Nash-Betts, who plays Simone. After two backdoor pilot episodes in ‘The Rookie,’ the show premiered in September 2022. The first season of the show ends with immense scope for another round, making the viewers intrigued about the prospects of the same. Well, here’s what we can share about the series’ sophomore season!

Will The Rookie: Feds Season 2 Happen?

‘The Rookie: Feds’ season 1 premiered on September 27, 2022, on ABC, ending its run on May 2, 2023. The first season of the series comprises twenty-two episodes with a runtime of around 42 minutes each.

As far as the prospects of the sophomore season are concerned, here’s what we can share. ABC has not yet released an official statement regarding the future of the series. However, sources close to the network and industry have been revealing that the discussions concerning the renewal of the series have been “promising.” According to reports, the renewal of the show for the second season is considered a “safe bet” as well. If ABC renews the show, it will not be a surprise since the show’s first few episodes performed well on the network, which led to the series’ full season pickup.

In addition, the show is currently #8 in the audience viewership and shares the #7 spot in the demo among all the ABC-broadcasted dramas. Since its parent show ‘The Rookie’ was renewed recently for its sixth season, we can expect the network to greenlight the sophomore round of the procedural drama to expand ‘The Rookie’ universe. The possibly impending renewal of the series can be taking long to happen because of the network’s evaluation of the current shows against the new ones for the limited slots available. Considering the viewership of the show, we can expect the procedural drama to pass the evaluation.

Narrative-wise, the procedural series has a lot to offer if renewed. We may see Simone juggling her personal and professional lives, especially after the ill health of her father Christopher “Cutty” Clark. The prospects of her reunion with Dina “DJ” Jackson may also find a place in the potential sophomore round. Laura Stensen and Mark Atlas’ relationship may feature extensively in the potential season 2. Brendon Acres and Antoinette Benneteau may strengthen their relationship. We may also see developments in Cutty’s relationship with Ruth Jackson, which may lead them to move in together. If renewed soon, we can expect ‘The Rookie’ season 2 to release in September 2023.

More than anything, we can expect enthralling investigations in the possible second season of the show. Simone may continue her growth as an FBI agent with the help of her colleagues and Matt may continue to use his “wildcard” to solve the most intricate cases. It will not be a surprise if Nathan Fillion’s ‘The Rookie’ character John Nolan continues to make appearances in the spin-off show’s prospective sophomore round.

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