The Rookie S02 E19: How & When To Watch Online?

‘The Rookie’ is eventually nearing the end of its second-season run. After this week’s episode, there are just two more episodes to wrap up the current installment. But fans might already know that the cop-drama has been following a sporadic schedule since its premiere in September 2019. Even episode 18 landed after a brief hiatus. So, when will the next part air? Read on to know all the details about ‘The Rookie’ season 2 episode 19.

The Rookie Season 2 Episode 19 Release Date: When Will it Premiere?

‘The Rookie’ Season 2 Episode 19 is slated to be released on Sunday, May 3, 2020, at 10 pm ET/ 9 pm CT on ABC. It is called ‘The Q Word’.

Its official synopsis goes as follows: “Officers Nolan, Chen, and West are squeezed harder than ever before as their training officers evaluate whether they are truly ready for the job; one of the rookie classmates is involved in a shooting.”

You can also check out its official promo below:

Where to Watch The Rookie Season 2 Episode 19 Online?

Our recommendation to enjoy spoiler-free episodes of ‘The Rookie’ is to tune in to ABC with a cable subscription and watch the season on your television screens at the aforementioned time slot. With an active cable login, you can also catch the latest episodes the day after they air on the ABC official website.

Cord cutters have a host of options at their disposal. Live-streaming alternatives include YouTube Tv, Fubo Tv, DirecTv, and Sling Tv. Additionally, season 1 is available on Hulu. Already released episodes can also be bought on Amazon Prime Video.

The Rookie Season 2 Episode 18 Recap:

In episode 18, Grace calls Harper and John to the ER. She informs the duo that a patient of hers has been shot in the abdomen. But the man believes that he ate too much sushi and is having an upset stomach. The victim imagines this since he is heavily intoxicated. Meanwhile, Tim and Lucy attend a child welfare case. Here, they meet Rachel, and the trio goes to the designated house to see a young boy named Paul. But the mum does not allow them inside. The team barges in and sees that Paul is sick. An ambulance arrives later and takes away Paul, leaving behind his hysterical mother.

The reports on Paul reflect that there’s nothing toxic in his system. Rachel digs up more on the case and discovers that Paul lives in a locale where many of the kids are suffering from similar diseases since the water contains heavy metals. She is upset that she separated a child from his mum on unfair grounds. In another scene, Angela and Jackson arrive in an office building where a shooter is at loose. They are eventually able to capture him.

After an eventful day, Tim, Jackson, Angela, and Lucy sit down for a discussion. On the other hand, Grace pays a visit to John. She informs him that she is confused about her future. Her husband wants to reconcile and she does not know what to do.

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